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Mark Hedges > Apache2-Controller-v1.0.111


This Release Apache2-Controller-v1.0.111  [Download] [Browse 07 Apr 2011
Latest Release Apache2-Controller-v1.1.1  [Download] [Browse 13 Jun 2014
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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1)
Special Files


Apache2::Controller fast MVC-style Apache2 handler apps     v1.0.111
Apache2::Controller::Auth::OpenID OpenID for Apache2::Controller     v1.0.111
Apache2::Controller::Const constants for Apache2::Controller     v1.0.111
Apache2::Controller::DBI::Connector connects DBI to $r->pnotes->{a2c}{dbh} or the key that you select.     v1.0.111
Apache2::Controller::Directives server config directives for A2C     v1.0.111
Apache2::Controller::Dispatch dispatch base class for Apache::Controller     v1.0.111
Apache2::Controller::Dispatch::HashTree Hash tree dispatch for Apache2::Controller::Dispatch     v1.0.111
Apache2::Controller::Dispatch::RenderTemplate dispatch to controllers mapped by files in primary A2C_Render_Template_Path.     v1.0.111
Apache2::Controller::Dispatch::Simple simple dispatch mechanism for A2C     v1.0.111
Apache2::Controller::Funk     v1.0.111
Apache2::Controller::Log::DetectAbortedConnection helper handler for detecting cancelled connections to the client.     v1.0.111
Apache2::Controller::Log::SessionSave Log phase handler to save session data from Apache2::Controller::Session hook.     v1.0.111
Apache2::Controller::Methods methods shared by Apache2::Controller modules     v1.0.111
Apache2::Controller::NonResponseBase internal base class for non-response handlers in Apache2::Controller framework     v1.0.111
Apache2::Controller::NonResponseRequest internal base class w/ apreq for non-response handlers in Apache2::Controller framework     v1.0.111
Apache2::Controller::PerChildInit PerChildInit handler for child process setup in A2C.     v1.0.111
Apache2::Controller::Render::Template A2C render() with Template Toolkit     v1.0.111
Apache2::Controller::SQL::MySQL useful database methods for MySQL     v1.0.111
Apache2::Controller::Session Apache2::Controller with Apache::Session     v1.0.111
Apache2::Controller::Session::Cookie track a sessionid with a cookie in A2C     v1.0.111
Apache2::Controller::X Exception::Class hierarchy for Apache2::Controller     v1.0.111


Apache2::Controller::Refcard reference card for Apache2::Controller