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Module Version: 0.94   Source   Latest Release: Log-Report-0.998


Log::Report::Lexicon::POTcompact - use translations from a POT file


   is a Exporter


 # using a PO table efficiently
 my $pot = Log::Report::Lexicon::POTcompact
             ->read('po/nl.po', charset => 'utf-8')
    or die;

 my $header = $pot->msgid('');
 print $pot->msgstr('msgid', 3);


This module is translating, based on PO files. PO files are used to store translations in humanly readable format for most of existing translation frameworks, like GNU gettext and Perl's Maketext.

Internally, this module tries to be as efficient as possible: high speed and low memory foot-print. You will not be able to sub-class this class cleanly.

If you like to change the content of PO files, then use Log::Report::Lexicon::POT.



Log::Report::Lexicon::POTcompact->read(FILENAME, OPTIONS)

Read the POT table information from FILENAME, as compact as possible. Comments, plural-form, and such are lost on purpose: they are not needed for translations.

 -Option --Default
  charset  <required>
charset => STRING

The character-set which is used for the file. You must specify this explicitly, while it cannot be trustfully detected automatically.



Returns the name of the source file for this data.


Returns a HASH of all defined PO objects, organized by msgid. Please try to avoid using this: use msgid() for lookup.


Managing PO's


The translation of a blank MSGID is used to store a MIME header, which contains meta-data. The FIELD content is returned.


Lookup the translations with the STRING. Returns a SCALAR, when only one translation is known, and an ARRAY wherein there are multiple. Returns undef when the translation is not defined.

$obj->msgstr(MSGID, [COUNT])

Returns the translated string for MSGID. When not specified, COUNT is 1 (the single form).


This module is part of Log-Report distribution version 0.94, built on August 23, 2011. Website:


Copyrights 2007-2011 by Mark Overmeer. For other contributors see ChangeLog.

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself. See

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