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Mail::Box-Index - list of all extended documentation


All methods defined by MailBox are documented, but you still need to get a grip on the large picture: the relations between the modules and the methods. These larger explanations are included in the DETAILS of the manual pages, and listed here below. Of course, each page has a DESCRIPTION section as well, which tells some bare necessities about the module.

Only the HTML version of this manual page will list the sections.

<ol> <li><strong><a name="general">General</a> sources of information</strong> <ul> <li>MailBox distribution overview (Mail::Box-Overview) <li>MailBox simple recepies (Mail::Box-Cookbook) </ul>

<li><strong><a name="messages">Messages</a></strong> (Mail::Message)<br /> See separate entries on header, body, fields and construction in this index below. <ul> <li>Structure of a Message <ul> <li>The header <li>The body </ul> <li>Coercing messages <li>Message object implementation <li>Message class implementation </ul>

<li><strong><a name="headers">Message headers</a></strong> (Mail::Message::Head) <ul> <li>Ordered header fields <li>Subsets of header fields <li>Head class implementation </ul>

<li><strong><a name="fields">Message header fields</a></strong> (Mail::Message::Field) <ul> <li>Field syntax <ul> <li>Folding fields <li>Structured fields <li>Comments in fields </ul> <li>Getting a field <ul> <li>Using get() field <li>Using study() field <li>Using resent groups (Mail::Message::Head::ResentGroup) <li>Mailing list fields <li>Spam fighting fields </ul> <li>The field's data <ul> <li>Access to the field <li>Using simplified field access <li>Specifying field data </ul> <li>Field class implementation </ul>

<li><strong><a name="bodies">Message bodies</a></strong> (Mail::Message::Body) <ul> <li>Access to the body <li>Body meta information <ul> <li>Content types (MIME::Types) <li>Content transfer encoding (Mail::Message::TransferEnc) </ul> <li>Multipart bodies (Mail::Message::Body::Multipart) <li>Nested (encapsulated) messages (Mail::Message::Body::Nested) <li>Body class implementation <ul> <li>Data collector bodies <li>Complex bodies <li>Character encoding PERL </ul> </ul>

<li><strong><a name="labels">Message labels</a></strong> <ul> <li>Labels (Mail::Message) <ul> <li>Predefined labels (Mail::Message) <li>Storing labels folder dependent <li>Flags in filename (Mail::Box::Maildir::Message) <li>Status and X-Status fields (MBOX and POP3) <li>The .mh_sequences file (Mail::Box::MH::Labels) <li>IMAP protocol flags (Mail::Box::IMAP4::Message) <li>Other labels (IMAP4) <li>Caching labels (IMAP4)


<li><strong><a name="process">Message processing</a></strong> <ul> <li>Reading a message (Mail::Message::Construct::Read) <li>Building a message (Mail::Message::Construct::Build) <li>Reply to a message (Mail::Message::Construct::Reply) <li>Creating a forward (Mail::Message::Construct::Forward) <li>Bounce a message (Mail::Message::Construct::Bounce) <li>Rebuilding a message (Mail::Message::Construct::Rebuild) <li>Convert messages <ul> <li>To and from Mail::Internet objects (Mail::Message::Convert::MailInternet) <li>To and from MIME::Entity objects(Mail::Message::Convert::MimeEntity) <li>Into HTML (Mail::Message::Convert::Html) </ul> <li>Convert body contents <ul> <li>From HTML to PostScript (Mail::Message::Convert::HtmlFormatPS) <li>From HTML into plain text (Mail::Message::Convert::HtmlFormatText) <li>Beautify text (Mail::Message::Convert::TextAutoformat) </ul> </ul>

<li><strong><a name="folders">Folders</a></strong> (Mail::Box) See separate section for type specifics below. <ul> <li>Folder managers <ul> <li>Managing open folders (Mail::Box::Manager) <li>Managing a user (Mail::Box::Manage::User) </ul> <li>Folder types (Mail::Box) <ul> <li>Different kinds of folders <li>Available folder types <li>Folder class implementation </ul> <li>Folder tied as array (Mail::Box::Tie::ARRAY) <ul> <li>Limitations </ul> <li>Folder tied as hash (Mail::Box::Tie::HASH) <li>Folder locking (Mail::Box::Locker) <li>Searching folders (Mail::Box::Search) <ul> <li>scan header and body (Mail::Box::Search::Grep) <li>check for spam (Mail::Box::Search::SpamAssassin) </ul> <li>Managing messages located in folders (Mail::Box::Message) </ul>

<li><strong><a name="ftypes">Folder types</a></strong> <ul> <li>DBX folders (Mail::Box::Dbx, read only) <ul> <li>How DBX folders work <li>This implementation <li>Converting DBX folders to MBOX </ul> <li>IMAP4 folders (Mail::Box::IMAP4) <ul> <li>How IMAP4 folders work </ul> <li>MAILDIR folders (Mail::Box::Maildir) <ul> <li>How MAILDIR folders work </ul> <li>MBOX folders (Mail::Box::Mbox) <ul> <li>How MBOX folders work <li>Simulation of sub-folders </ul> <li>MH folders (Mail::Box::MH) <ul> <li>How MH folders work <li>This implementation <li>An index-file </ul> <li>POP3 folders (Mail::Box::POP3) <ul> <li>How POP3 folders work <li>This implementation </ul> </ul>

<li><strong><a name="threads">Discussion threads</a></strong> <ul> <li>The thread manager (Mail::Box::Thread::Manager) <ul> <li>Maintaining threads <li>Delayed thread detection </ul> <li>The thread node (Mail::Box::Thread::Node) </ul>

<li><strong><a name="send">Transmitting messages</a></strong> (Mail::Transport) <ul> <li>Sending (Mail::Transport::Send) <ul> <li>Via Exim (Mail::Transport::Exim) <li>Via Mailx (Mail::Transport::Mailx) <li>Via Qmail (Mail::Transport::Qmail) <li>Via Sendmail or Postfix (Mail::Transport::Sendmail) <li>Via raw SMTP (Mail::Transport::SMTP) </ul> <li>Receiving (Mail::Transport::Receive) <ul> <li>Via POP3 (Mail::Transport::POP3) </ul> <li>Bi-directional <ul> <li>Via IMAP4 (Mail::Transport::IMAP4) </ul> </ul>

<li><strong><a name="perform">Performance</a></strong> <ul> <li>Quality over performance <li>Weak references <li>Reducing memory consumption <ul> <li>Lazy extraction <li>Picking the optimal body class <li>Reducing the header size (Mail::Message::Head::Partial) <li> </ul> <li>Destructing messages (Mail::Box::Message::Destructed) </ul> <li><strong>Additional modules</strong> <ul> <li>Extensions <ul> <li>Mail::Box::Parser::C, a faster parser <li>HTML::FromMail, webmail applications builder </ul> <li>Helper modules <ul> <li>MIME::Types <li>Object::Realize::Later <li>User::Identity </ul> </ul> </ol>


This module is part of Mail-Box distribution version 2.108, built on June 25, 2013. Website:


Copyrights 2001-2013 by [Mark Overmeer]. For other contributors see ChangeLog.

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself. See

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