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This Release Mail-Message-3.006  [Download] [Browse 26 Jan 2018
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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1) unknown
Special Files


Mail::Box::FastScalar fast alternative to IO::Scalar     3.006
Mail::Box::Parser reading and writing messages     3.006
Mail::Box::Parser::Perl reading messages from file using Perl     3.006
Mail::Message general message object     3.006
Mail::Message::Body the data of a body in a message     3.006
Mail::Message::Body::File body of a message temporarily stored in a file     3.006
Mail::Message::Body::Lines body of a Mail::Message stored as array of lines     3.006
Mail::Message::Body::Multipart body of a message with attachments     3.006
Mail::Message::Body::Nested body of a message which contains a message     3.006
Mail::Message::Body::String body of a Mail::Message stored as single string     3.006
Mail::Message::Convert conversions between message types     3.006
Mail::Message::Convert::EmailSimple translate Mail::Message to Email::Simple vv     3.006
Mail::Message::Convert::Html Format messages in HTML     3.006
Mail::Message::Convert::HtmlFormatPS Convert HTML into PostScript     3.006
Mail::Message::Convert::HtmlFormatText Convert HTML into Text     3.006
Mail::Message::Convert::MailInternet translate Mail::Message to Mail::Internet vv     3.006
Mail::Message::Convert::MimeEntity translate Mail::Message to MIME::Entity vv     3.006
Mail::Message::Convert::TextAutoformat Reformat plain text messages     3.006
Mail::Message::Field one line of a message header     3.006
Mail::Message::Field::AddrGroup A group of Mail::Message::Field::Address objects     3.006
Mail::Message::Field::Address One e-mail address     3.006
Mail::Message::Field::Addresses Fields with e-mail addresses     3.006
Mail::Message::Field::Attribute one attribute of a full field     3.006
Mail::Message::Field::AuthResults message header field authentication result     3.006
Mail::Message::Field::DKIM message header field for dkim signatures     3.006
Mail::Message::Field::Date message header field with uris     3.006
Mail::Message::Field::Fast one line of a message header     3.006
Mail::Message::Field::Flex one line of a message header     3.006
Mail::Message::Field::Full construct one smart line in a message header     3.006
Mail::Message::Field::Structured one line of a structured message header     3.006
Mail::Message::Field::URIs message header field with uris     3.006
Mail::Message::Field::Unstructured smart unstructured field     3.006
Mail::Message::Head the header of one message     3.006
Mail::Message::Head::Complete the header of one message     3.006
Mail::Message::Head::FieldGroup a sub set of fields in a header     3.006
Mail::Message::Head::ListGroup mailinglist related header fields     3.006
Mail::Message::Head::Partial subset of header information of a message     3.006
Mail::Message::Head::ResentGroup header fields tracking message delivery     3.006
Mail::Message::Head::SpamGroup spam fighting related header fields     3.006
Mail::Message::Part a part of a message, but a message by itself     3.006
Mail::Message::Replace::MailHeader fake Mail::Header     3.006
Mail::Message::Replace::MailInternet fake Mail::Internet     3.006
Mail::Message::Test     3.006
Mail::Message::TransferEnc message transfer encoder/decoder     3.006
Mail::Message::TransferEnc::Base64 encode/decode base64 message bodies     3.006
Mail::Message::TransferEnc::Binary encode/decode binary message bodies     3.006
Mail::Message::TransferEnc::EightBit encode/decode 8bit message bodies     3.006
Mail::Message::TransferEnc::QuotedPrint handle quoted-printable message bodies     3.006
Mail::Message::TransferEnc::SevenBit encode/decode 7bit message bodies     3.006
Mail::Reporter base-class and error reporter for Mail::Box     3.006


Mail::Message::Body::Construct adds functionality to Mail::Message::Body  
Mail::Message::Body::Encode organize general message encodings  
Mail::Message::Construct extends the functionality of a Mail::Message  
Mail::Message::Construct::Bounce bounce a Mail::Message  
Mail::Message::Construct::Build building a Mail::Message from components  
Mail::Message::Construct::Forward forwarding a Mail::Message  
Mail::Message::Construct::Read read a Mail::Message from a file handle  
Mail::Message::Construct::Rebuild modify a Mail::Message  
Mail::Message::Construct::Reply reply to a Mail::Message  
Mail::Message::Construct::Text capture a Mail::Message as text  

Other Files