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Mozilla::Persona - Mozilla's Persona framework


  # See Mozilla::Persona::Server


Warning! this is very new code, and is not yet in a production environment (as far as I know) Please help me improve and extend it! I promise to respond quickly on reported bugs.

Persona allows you to sign-in to web-sites proving your identity via your personal domain. No-one can spoof your account name (email address) and you only type-in your password once after starting the browser, reusing it for multiple websites.

Your identity is represented by your email address, for example, which should also be (one of) your public e-mail addresses. You have to put some configuration files on the secure webserver ( of that domain.

Client-side (website to log-in to)

See about the protocol and the (javascript) client implementation.

Server implementation

This distribution on CPAN implements the server side, your identity. Every domain needs to implement this code. It is not easy and you need to have an https server running.


You may have multiple domains on your system. Each can run a separate persona service. This distribution contains a script named 'persona', to help you configure domains correctly.

   # initialize persona service
   persona setup \
      --domain \
      --docroot /var/srv/html/ \
      --secrets /etc/persona        # default

   # shorter, minimal
   # persona setup -d -r /var/srv/html


   persona check

The checking helps you through the first configuration problems.

running a CMS

When you run a CMS, you may need to implement some (Apache) configuration tricks. Use a pseudo docroot outside your website. Configure a rewrite for /.browserid/ and /persona/ to the pseudo docroot.

(Who contributes me with a working example?)


This module is part of Mozilla-Persona distribution version 0.12, built on November 22, 2012. Website: The code is based on the MulkyID code by Matthias Benkard.

Persona is described at


Copyrights of the perl code and the related documentation by 2012 by [Mark Overmeer]. For other contributors see ChangeLog.

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself. See

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