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POSIX::3 - help POSIX::1003 modules


  use POSIX::3 qw(:termios :pc PATH_MAX);
  # is short for
  use POSIX::1003::Termios  qw(:all);
  use POSIX::1003::Pathconf qw(:all);
  use POSIX::1003::FS       qw(PATH_MAX);

  # overview about all exported symbols (by a module)
  show_posix_names 'POSIX::1003::Pathconf';
  show_posix_names ':pc';
  perl -MPOSIX::3 'show_posix_names'


The POSIX::1003 suite implements access to many POSIX functions. It can be quite some work to type-in all the explicit require lines. This module is slower during the import (because it knows the location of each of the hundreds of symbols) but loads the right modules automatically.


This module uses nasty export tricks, so is not based in Exporter. Some modules have more than one tag related to them, and one tag may load multiple modules. When you do not specify symbol or tag, then all are loaded into your namespace(!), the same behavior as POSIX has.

If your import list starts with +1, the symbols will not get into your own namespace, but that of your caller. Just like $Exporter::ExportLevel (but a simpler syntax).

  use POSIX::3 ':pathconf';
  use POSIX::3 ':pc';       # same, abbreviated name

  use POSIX::3 qw(PATH_MAX :math sin);

  sub MyModule::import(@)   # your own tricky exporter
  {   POSIX::3->import('+1', @_);


  :all                  (all symbols, default)
  :cs      :confstr     POSIX::1003::Confstr
  :ev      :events      POSIX::1003::Events
  :fd      :fdio        POSIX::1003::FdIO
  :fs      :filesystem  POSIX::1003::FS
  :limit   :limits      POSIX::1003::Limit
  :locale               POSIX::1003::Locale
  :math                 POSIX::1003::Math
  :none                 (nothing)
  :os      :opsys       POSIX::1003::OS
  :pc      :pathconf    POSIX::1003::Pathconf
  :proc    :processes   POSIX::1003::Proc
  :props   :properties  POSIX::1003::Properties
  :posix   :property    POSIX::1003::Properties
  :sc      :sysconf     POSIX::1003::Sysconf
  :signals              POSIX::1003::Signals
  :signals :sigaction   POSIX::SigAction
  :signals :sigset      POSIX::SigSet
  :termio  :termios     POSIX::1003::Termios
  :time                 POSIX::1003::Time



Returns the names of all modules in the current release of POSIX::1003.


Returns all the names, when in LIST content. In SCALAR context, it returns (a reference to) an HASH which contains exported names to modules mappings. If no explicit MODULES are specified, then all available modules are taken.


Print all names defined by the POSIX::1003 suite in alphabetical (case-insensitive) order. If no explicit MODULES are specified, then all available modules are taken.


This module is part of POSIX-1003 distribution version 0.13, built on July 26, 2012. Website: The code is based on POSIX, which is released with Perl itself. See also POSIX::Util for additional functionality.


Copyrights of the perl code and the related documentation by 2011-2012 by [Mark Overmeer]. For other contributors see ChangeLog.

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself. See

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