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present - run a Portable Presenter presentation.


present [ -help|-h|-? ] [ -ppr|-xml ] [ file ]


Portable Presenter (PPresenter) is a package designed to give presentations. It is written in Perl/Tk only, which is available for UNIX and for Windows.

The key features of PPresenter are: projection on multiple screens at the same time; scales with the size of the display; fully object-oriented, which means flexible and extensible. You can write your slides in a perl-program (for maximum flexability), or supply the data in xml.

present starts a helper program, which depends on the type of input you supply. Portable Presenter presentations can be written in Perl (with PPresenter as library) or in XML.

If you start present with a filename ending on .ppr, it is considered a perl-program. When the filename ends with .xml, it is a XML-description of a presentation. Flags -ppr and -xml overrule the filename extentions. If the type cannot be determined, the ppr extention will be presumed.

When no filename is supplied, then the standard-input is read.

-help [type]
-h [type]
-? [type]

Show the command-line options. If you do not specify any type, you will get the options of the present command. If you specify a type flag (-ppr or -xml) or when a type can be derived from an supplied filename, you get the flags supported for that type of input.

-ppr [options] [file]
[options] file[.ppr]

The file contains a PPresenter presentation written as a perl-program. You can also start this presentation directly, without use of present. See the manual-page present-ppr(1) for the options.

If present is supplied with a filename without extention, the file is considered to be a perl-program.

-xml [options] [file]

The file contains a presentation written in XML. See the manual-page present-xml(1) for the options.


A full documentation in html is included in the package, and available on the website:

present-ppr(1), present-xml(1).

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