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Module Version: 0.01_01   Source  


Util::DataThing - A simple framework for creating introspectable business objects


    package ExampleApp::Person;
    use base qw(Util::DataThing);
    __PACKAGE__->declare_property('name', STRING);


This class provides a framework for providing business objects within an application.

Subclasses of this class support introspection via the type method, which returns a Util::DataThing::Type object describing the class.

The internal structure of the objects is opaque to subclasses and should not be relied upon. Subclasses may define new methods in addition to those created with this class's register_ methods, but they should be implemented in terms of the property accessors created by this class, not direct access to the object internals.

This is not an ORM or other mechanism for abstracting away your data access layer, but if you want to use an ORM then objects created with this class may be a good thing for your ORM to return.

TODO: Write more docs


Written and maintained by Martin Atkins <>.

Copyright 2009 Six Apart Ltd. All Rights Reserved.

The items in this distribution may be distributed under the same terms as Perl itself.

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