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perl-local-env - Easily create and activate a local::lib environment


    perl-local-lib <environment-path> ...
         ... create
         ... activate
         ... run <command>


This tool provides a set of commands for creating and activating local environments created by local::lib.


Create a local environment

    perl-local-lib <environment-path> create

This will create a directory at the given path and configure it to work as a local environment. You only need to do this step once for each environment.

Activate your environment

Each time you want to run code in the context of the environment you must first activate it:

    perl-local-lib <environment-path> activate

This will start a new child shell with the right settings to make perl look for libraries only in the local environment, and add the environment's bin directory to the PATH so that local tools are available.

You can use that shell to run as many commands as you like in the context of the virtual environment, including cpanm to install new packages into the local environment.

Exit the environment

To leave the environment, just exit the shell that was launched by activate above. If you were already in a shell when you activated the environment, you will be returned to that shell.


Run an arbitrary command

Rather than launching a full shell, you can launch an individual command in the context of the environment using the "run" command:

    perl-local-lib <environment-path> run <command>

For example, you could use this to install Plack into your local environment without first launching a shell:

    perl-local-lib <environment-path> run cpanm Plack


This tool currently only works fully on UNIX systems. You may have limited success on other systems, but don't be surprised if things randomly go wrong.


local::lib, cpanm


Copyright 2010 Martin Atkins and Six Apart Ltd. All Rights Reserved.

This tool is redistributable under the same terms as perl itself.

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