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Martijn van Beers
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Distribution Released
Data-Transform-0.06 base class for protocol abstractions [Download] [Browse] 22 Apr 2009
Data-Transform-SAXBuilder-0.05 A filter for parsing XML with XML::LibXML [Download] [Browse] 27 Aug 2008
Data-Transform-SSL-0.03 SSL in a filter [Download] [Browse] 23 Apr 2009
Data-Transform-Zlib-0.02 A Filter for RFC195[0-2] [Download] [Browse] 22 Dec 2011
Glade2-Widget-0.1   [Download] [Browse] 20 Apr 2005
Module-Install-POE-Test-Loops-0.03 Install tests for POE::Loops [Download] [Browse] 05 Jul 2008
Parse-CPAN-Whois-0.02 Parse CPAN's authors/00whois.xml file [Download] [Browse] 17 Aug 2008
POE-Loop-Glib-0.037 a bridge that supports Glib's event loop from POE [Download] [Browse] 06 Jul 2008
POE-Session-GladeXML2-0.40 emit POE events for Gtk2 callbacks [Download] [Browse] 16 Jun 2008
POE-Session-Irssi-0.50 emit POE events for Irssi signals [Download] [Browse] 06 Jul 2008
XML-Generator-XMPP-0.02 easily create XMPP packets [Download] [Browse] 29 Aug 2008
XML-SAX-IncrementalBuilder-LibXML-0.02 create DOM fragments from SAX events [Download] [Browse] 28 Jul 2008