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Locale::MakePhrase::Language - base class for language-specific handling.


This is a base-class for language-specific implementation modules.

You only need to implement custom language objects, if there is something you cant do with a language rule, such as:


The following methods are available:


Construct an instance of this module; all arguments passed to the init() method.

$self init([...])

Allow sub-classes a chance to control construction.

$string language()

Returns the language tag of this modules' language.

boolean y_or_n($keypress)

This methods is simply a stub which declares the signature. It is up the language specific module to implement the correct handling of the keypress'ed value.

For example, the Locale::MakePhrase::Language::en module implements a test for the y character; if y is pressed, a value of true is returned; any other key returns false.

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