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Apache::Traffic CHANGES ^

1.02 - January 9, 1997

Improved documentation.

Modified Makefile.PL to change traffic script's #! path to $Config{perlpath}

Modified traffic script to handle date ranges and removal function. Date::Parse is now required.

Patched IPC::Shareable 0.28 to handle semaphore overflow.

Semaphore locking is now handled by us to take advantage of the SEM_UNDO flag. IPC::SysV is now required.

Old data is now transparently stored in a DBM file to reduce logging time. DB_File is now required.

Fake users can now be used in Owner variables, in which case the names are stored (rather than their non-existent UIDs).

Using GM time now so daylight savings time doesn't bite us.

Rarely called fuctions are now autoloaded.

Moved logger to $r->post_connection as suggested by Tom <tom@SDF.COM>, with patch from Doug MacEachern.

Shared memory tie is now persistent as suggested by Stephane Bortzmeyer.

fetch() and remove() fuctions now fail if shared memory segment does not exist. Suggested by Stephane Bortzmeyer.

Returns DECLINED on all error conditions, as suggested by Stephane Bortzmeyer.

Added remove() fuction.

1.01 - December 22, 1997

Initial release.

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