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This Release Stepford-0.004001  [Download] [Browse 14 Feb 2017
Latest Release Stepford-0.005000  [Download] [Browse 31 Jan 2018
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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1)
Special Files


Stepford A vaguely Rake/Make/Cake-like thing for Perl - create steps and let a runner run them     0.004001
Stepford::Error A Stepford exception object     0.004001
Stepford::FinalStep The final step for all Stepford runs     0.004001
Stepford::Graph Contains the step dependency graph     0.004001
Stepford::GraphBuilder Represents a concrete plan for execution by a Stepford::Runner     0.004001
Stepford::LoggerWithMoniker The logger used by Step classes.     0.004001
Stepford::Role::Step The basic role all step classes must implement     0.004001
Stepford::Role::Step::FileGenerator A role for steps that generate files     0.004001
Stepford::Role::Step::FileGenerator::Atomic A role for steps that generate a file atomically     0.004001
Stepford::Role::Step::Unserializable A role for steps with unserializable productions     0.004001
Stepford::Runner Takes a set of steps and figures out what order to run them in     0.004001
Stepford::Trait::StepDependency A trait for attributes which are a step dependency     0.004001
Stepford::Trait::StepProduction A trait for attributes which are a step production     0.004001
Stepford::Types Type library used in Stepford classes/roles     0.004001
Stepford::Types::Internal Internal type definitions for Stepford     0.004001

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