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This Release WebService-MinFraud-1.008000  [Download] [Browse 14 May 2018
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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1)
Special Files


WebService::MinFraud API for MaxMind's minFraud Score, Insights, and Factors services     1.008000
WebService::MinFraud::Client Perl API for MaxMind's minFraud Score and Insights web services     1.008000
WebService::MinFraud::Data::Rx::Type::CCToken A type to check for what MaxMind considers a valid credit card token     1.008000
WebService::MinFraud::Data::Rx::Type::CustomInputs A type to check for a valid IP address, version 4 or 6     1.008000
WebService::MinFraud::Data::Rx::Type::DateTime::RFC3339 A type to check if a string parses as a RFC3339 datetime     1.008000
WebService::MinFraud::Data::Rx::Type::Enum A type that defines an enumeration     1.008000
WebService::MinFraud::Data::Rx::Type::Hex32 A type to check for a 32 digit hexadecimal     1.008000
WebService::MinFraud::Data::Rx::Type::Hostname A type to check for a valid host name     1.008000
WebService::MinFraud::Data::Rx::Type::IPAddress A type to check for a valid IP address, version 4 or 6     1.008000
WebService::MinFraud::Data::Rx::Type::WebURI A type to check for a valid Web URI     1.008000
WebService::MinFraud::Error::Generic A generic exception class for WebService::MinFraud errors     1.008000
WebService::MinFraud::Error::HTTP An HTTP transport error     1.008000
WebService::MinFraud::Error::WebService An explicit error returned by the minFraud web service     1.008000
WebService::MinFraud::Model::Chargeback Model class for minFraud Chargeback     1.008000
WebService::MinFraud::Model::Factors Model class for minFraud Factors     1.008000
WebService::MinFraud::Model::Insights Model class for minFraud Insights     1.008000
WebService::MinFraud::Model::Score Model class for minFraud: Score     1.008000
WebService::MinFraud::Record::BillingAddress Contains data for the billing address record associated with a transaction     1.008000
WebService::MinFraud::Record::Country Contains data for the country record associated with an IP address     1.008000
WebService::MinFraud::Record::CreditCard Contains data for the credit card record associated with a transaction     1.008000
WebService::MinFraud::Record::Device Contains data for the device associated with a transaction     1.008000
WebService::MinFraud::Record::Disposition The disposition for the request as set by custom rules     1.008000
WebService::MinFraud::Record::Email Contains data for the email associated with a transaction     1.008000
WebService::MinFraud::Record::IPAddress Contains data for the IPAddress record returned from a minFraud web service query     1.008000
WebService::MinFraud::Record::Issuer Contains data for the issuer of the credit card associated with a transaction     1.008000
WebService::MinFraud::Record::Location Contains data for the location record associated with an IP address     1.008000
WebService::MinFraud::Record::ScoreIPAddress Contains data for the IP address's risk     1.008000
WebService::MinFraud::Record::ShippingAddress Contains data for the shipping address record associated with a transaction     1.008000
WebService::MinFraud::Record::Subscores Contains minFraud Factors subscores     1.008000
WebService::MinFraud::Record::Warning A warning record returned from a web service query     1.008000
WebService::MinFraud::Role::Data::Rx::Type A role that helps build Data::Rx Types     1.008000
WebService::MinFraud::Role::Error::HTTP An HTTP Error role     1.008000
WebService::MinFraud::Role::HasCommonAttributes A role for attributes common to both the Insights and Score models     1.008000
WebService::MinFraud::Role::HasLocales A role for (language) locales     1.008000
WebService::MinFraud::Role::Model A role for storing there original response in the raw attribute     1.008000
WebService::MinFraud::Role::Record::Address This is an address role that shipping and billing will consume     1.008000
WebService::MinFraud::Role::Record::HasRisk A role to add a risk attribute     1.008000
WebService::MinFraud::Types Custom types for the MaxMind minFraud service     1.008000
WebService::MinFraud::Validator Validation for the minFraud requests     1.008000
WebService::MinFraud::Validator::Base Abstract Base Validation for the minFraud requests     1.008000
WebService::MinFraud::Validator::Chargeback Validation for the minFraud Chargeback     1.008000
WebService::MinFraud::Validator::Factors Validation for the minFraud Factors     1.008000
WebService::MinFraud::Validator::FraudService Parent Validation for the minFraud FraudServices     1.008000
WebService::MinFraud::Validator::Insights Validation for the minFraud Insights     1.008000
WebService::MinFraud::Validator::Score Validation for the minFraud Score     1.008000


WebService::MinFraud::Example MaxMind minFraud client example  

Other Files