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README.txt - build and installation instructions


Alien::wxWidgets allows wxPerl to easily find information about your wxWidgets installation. It can store this information for multiple wxWidgets versions or configurations (debug, Unicode, etc.). It can also build and install a private copy of wxWidgets as part of the build process.

Installing wxWidgets ^

If yo do not know how to do it, please answer 'yes' to the question 'Do you want to build wxWidgets?'; Alien::wxWidgets will build and install a copy of wxWidgets for you.

Installing Alien::wxWidgets ^

Please note that the steps below can be repeated multiple times in order install multiple configurations (differing for the wxWidgets version, compiler, compiler version, debug/unicode settings).

Unices and Mac OS X

Important: either wx-config must be in the PATH or the WX_CONFIG environment variable must be set to the full path to wx-config. The environment WX_CONFIG variable can also be used to specify a different wx-config.

    perl Build.PL
    perl Build
    perl Build test
    perl Build install


    <add your compiler to the path>
    <build wxWidgets>
    set WXDIR=C:\Path\to\wxWidgets
    perl Build.PL [--wxWidgets-debug] [--wxWidgets-unicode] [--wxWidgets-mslu]
    perl Build
    perl Build test
    perl Build install

Important: the command line options to Build.PL must match the build settings used to build wxWidgets.

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