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Source   Latest Release: Net-CIDR-Lookup-0.55



Attention: Breaking Changes!

  • This version removes the global $errstr variable and switches to the same interface as Net::CIDR::Lookup::IPv6 that signals errors using exceptions. So all menthods but new may now die if you don't wrap them in evalor equivalent.
  • dump is called more sensibly to_hash now.

Regular changes that shouldn't break anything:

  • Replaced the recursive implementations of lookup() and walk() with iterative ones for about a 30% speed increase.
  • Moved version history to its own POD file
v0.41 Version bump to sync with IPv6 version
v0.4 Version bump for inclusion of the IPv6 version
  • Replaced the simplistic list-based CIDR block splitting function with bit-fiddling for about a threefold speedup of add_num_range and slightly less in add_range.
  • Recursive merging-up up of blocks during add_* works now. If e.g. you had a /24 and an adjacent /25 net with the same value before, adding a new /25 would have merged the new block with the existing /25, resulting in two adjacent /24s with the same value because only single-level merging was possible. Now the two will be merged to a single /23.
  • Removed some redundant tests and added new ones.
  • Removed some leftover debug code.
  • Some small fixes/improvements like stricter range checking in add_range
v0.3 First CPAN release
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