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Marco Pessotto > PDF-Imposition-0.25


This Release PDF-Imposition-0.25  [Download] [Browse 12 May 2018
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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1)
Special Files


PDF::Imposition Perl module to manage the PDF imposition     0.25
PDF::Imposition::Schema Role for the imposition schemas.      
PDF::Imposition::Schema1repeat2side put two identical pages side by side on the same physical sheet      
PDF::Imposition::Schema1repeat2top put two identical pages one on the top of each other.      
PDF::Imposition::Schema1repeat4 put four identical pages on the same physical sheet      
PDF::Imposition::Schema1x1 1:1 Imposition schema      
PDF::Imposition::Schema1x4x2cutfoldbind 1x4x2cutfoldbind imposition schema      
PDF::Imposition::Schema1x8x2 fixed 16 pages signatures on a single sheet, with triple folding.      
PDF::Imposition::Schema2down Imposition schema 2down (booklet with binding on the top)      
PDF::Imposition::Schema2side Imposition schema 2side      
PDF::Imposition::Schema2up Imposition schema 2up (booklet)      
PDF::Imposition::Schema2x4x1 fixed size 8 pages on 1 sheet signature schema, with double folding.      
PDF::Imposition::Schema2x4x2 fixed size 16 pages on 2 sheets signature schema, with double folding.      
PDF::Imposition::Schema4up Imposition schema 4up (booklet)      
PDF::Imposition::Schemaea4x4 fixed size 16 pages on 2 sheets, with double individual folding      

Documentation script to impose a PDF using the PDF::Imposition class.