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Marco Pessotto > Text-Amuse-Compile-0.96


This Release Text-Amuse-Compile-0.96  [Download] [Browse 30 Sep 2017
Latest Release Text-Amuse-Compile-1.04  [Download] [Browse 30 Mar 2018
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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1)
Special Files


Text::Amuse::Compile Compiler for Text::Amuse     0.96
Text::Amuse::Compile::File Object for file scheduled for compilation      
Text::Amuse::Compile::FileName Parser for filenames passed to the compiler.      
Text::Amuse::Compile::Fonts class for fonts management      
Text::Amuse::Compile::Fonts::Family font family object      
Text::Amuse::Compile::Fonts::File font file object      
Text::Amuse::Compile::Fonts::Import create a list of fonts to be used with Text::Amuse::Compile      
Text::Amuse::Compile::Fonts::Selected simple class to hold selected fonts      
Text::Amuse::Compile::Merged Merging muse files together.      
Text::Amuse::Compile::MuseHeader Module to parse muse metadata      
Text::Amuse::Compile::TemplateOptions parse and validate options for templates      
Text::Amuse::Compile::Templates Built-in templates for Text::Amuse::Compile      
Text::Amuse::Compile::Utils Common routines used      
Text::Amuse::Compile::Webfonts Class to parse and validate webfonts for Text::Amuse::Compile      

Documentation format your muse document using Text::Amuse Generate a JSON file with font paths