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Module Version: 0.71   Source  


Apache::AuthenDBI - Authentication via Perl's DBI


 # Configuration in httpd.conf or srm.conf

 PerlModule Apache::AuthenDBI

 # Authentication in .htaccess

 AuthName DBI
 AuthType Basic

 #authenticate via DBI
 PerlAuthenHandler Apache::AuthenDBI

 PerlSetVar AuthDBIDB     dbname
 PerlSetVar AuthDBIUser   username
 PerlSetVar AuthDBIAuth   auth
 PerlSetVar AuthDBIDriver driver
 #DBI->connect(DB, User, Auth, Driver)

 PerlSetVar AuthDBIUserTable table
 PerlSetVar AuthDBINameField user
 PerlSetVar AuthDBIPasswordField password
 #SELECT PasswordField from UserTable WHERE NameField='$user_sent'

 <Limit GET POST>
 require valid-user

The AuthType is limited to Basic. The require directive is limited to 'valid-user' and 'user xxx' (no group support).


This module allows the Apache server to authenticate against a database. It should be used together with to gain the benefit of a persistent database connection. Remember that the authentication accesses the database once for every request ! Make sure, that in httpd.conf or srm.conf the module Apache::DBI comes first:

 PerlModule Apache::DBI
 PerlModule Apache::AuthenDBI

The authentication module makes use of persistent connections only if the appropriate module Apache::DBI is already loaded !

The database access uses Perl's DBI. For supported DBI drivers see:


Apache(3), DBI(3)


 mod_perl by Doug MacEachern <>
 DBI by Tim Bunce <>
 Apache::AuthenDBI by Edmund Mergl <>
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