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Apache::AuthzNetLDAP - Apache-Perl module that enables you to authorize a user for Website based on LDAP attributes.


  use Apache::AuthzNetLDAP;
  PerlSetVar BindDN "cn=Directory Manager"
  PerlSetVar BindPWD "password"
  PerlSetVar BaseDN "ou=people,"
  PerlSetVar LDAPServer
  PerlSetVar LDAPPort 389
  PerlSetVar UIDAttr uid
 #PerlSetVar UIDAttr mail 
  PerlAuthenHandler Apache::AuthNetLDAP
  PerlAuthzHandler Apache::AuthzNetLDAP
  #require valid-user     
  #require user mewilcox
  #require user
  #require group "cn=Peoplebrowsers1,ou=UNTGroups,ou=People,"
  #require ldap-url ldap://
  #require ldap-url ldap://
  #require ldap-url ldap://,


After you have authenticated a user (perhaps with Apache::AuthNetLDAP ;) you can use this module to determine whether they are authorized to access the Web resource under this modules control.

You can control authorization via one of four methods. The first two are pretty standard, the second two are unique to LDAP.

user username Will authorize access if the authenticated user's username.
valid-user Will authorize any authenticated user.
group groupdn Will authorize any authenticated user who is a member of the LDAP group specified by groupdn. This module supports groupOfMember, groupOfUniquemember and Netscape's dynamic group object classes.
ldap-url ldap-url This will authorize any authenticated user who matches the query specified in the given LDAP URL. This is enables users to get the flexibility of Netscape's dynamic groups, even if their LDAP server does not support such a capability.


Mark Wilcox



WARRANTY Hey, I didn't destroy mankind when testing the module. You're mileage may vary. ^

This module is distributed with the same license as Perl's.

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