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Distribution Released
Aard-0.001 Read aarddict dictionaries [Download] [Browse] 14 Nov 2014
Apache2-Authen-Passphrase-0.002002 basic authentication with Authen::Passphrase [Download] [Browse] 13 Jun 2015
Apache2-AuthzCaps-0.002 mod_perl2 capability authorization [Download] [Browse] 12 Sep 2015
App-Devbot-0.001004 IRC bot which helps development [Download] [Browse] 30 Jun 2014
App-Eduard-0.001002 GnuPG email sign/encrypt testing bot [Download] [Browse] 18 Oct 2014
App-FonBot-Daemon-0.001 FonBot daemon [Download] [Browse] 02 May 2015
App-InteractivePerlTutorial-0.000_001 Interactive Perl tutorial [Download] [Browse] 30 Nov 2015
App-MusicExpo-0.006 script which generates a HTML table of music tags [Download] [Browse] 01 Aug 2015
App-RemoteGnokii-0.001 Send SMS over the internet with gnokii-smsd [Download] [Browse] 16 May 2015
App-Statsbot-0.001002 simple IRC bot that tracks time spent in a channel [Download] [Browse] 07 Nov 2015
App-Web-VPKBuilder-0.001 Mix & match Source engine game mods [Download] [Browse] 21 Nov 2015
App-XMMS2-Notifier-0.001002 script which notifies you what xmms2 is playing [Download] [Browse] 06 Feb 2016
App-Zealc-0.000_001 command-line offline documentation browser for Dash/Zeal docsets [Download] [Browse] 31 Jan 2015
Audio-LibSampleRate-0.001 interface to Secret Rabbit Code audio sample rate converter [Download] [Browse] 31 Aug 2015
Convert-Color-HUSL-0.002001 Convert between RGB, CIEXYZ, CIELUV, CIELCh, HUSL, HUSLp color spaces [Download] [Browse] 09 Jul 2015
Gruntmaster-Daemon-5999.000_005 Gruntmaster 6000 Online Judge -- daemon [Download] [Browse] 31 Oct 2015
Gruntmaster-Data-5999.000_015 Gruntmaster 6000 Online Judge -- database interface and tools [Download] [Browse] 10 Oct 2015
Gruntmaster-GUI-5999.000_001 Gruntmaster 6000 Online Judge -- GUI database editor [Download] [Browse] 31 May 2014
HTML-Element-Library-5.210000 HTML::Element convenience functions [Download] [Browse] 17 Jan 2015
IO-Compress-Brotli-0.001001 Read Brotli buffers/streams [Download] [Browse] 01 Jan 2016
Mafia-0.001002 easily moderate Mafia games [Download] [Browse] 15 Aug 2015
Music-Tag-Coveralia-0.001 Get cover art from [Download] [Browse] 09 May 2015
NetHack-NAOdash-0.003 Analyze NetHack xlogfiles and extract statistics [Download] [Browse] 26 Dec 2015
Number-Phone-RO-0.002 Phone number information for Romania (+40) [Download] [Browse] 28 Nov 2015
Plack-Middleware-Auth-Complex-0.001001 Feature-rich authentication system [Download] [Browse] 08 Mar 2015
Pod-Constants-0.18 Include constants from POD [Download] [Browse] 19 Jul 2015
POE-Component-IRC-Plugin-Hello-0.001003 PoCo-IRC plugin that says hello [Download] [Browse] 21 Feb 2015
POE-Component-IRC-Plugin-Infobot-0.001003 Add infobot features to an PoCo-IRC [Download] [Browse] 14 Nov 2015
POE-Component-IRC-Plugin-Logger-Irssi-0.001002 Log IRC events like irssi [Download] [Browse] 16 Aug 2014
POE-Component-IRC-Plugin-Seen-0.001002 PoCo-IRC plugin that remembers seeing people [Download] [Browse] 29 Aug 2015
SVG-SpriteMaker-0.001 Combine several SVG images into a single SVG sprite [Download] [Browse] 25 Apr 2015
Text-Homestuck-0.000_001 Emulate the typing quirks of Homestuck trolls [Download] [Browse] 31 Mar 2014
WebService-Scaleway-0.001001 Perl interface to Scaleway cloud server provider API [Download] [Browse] 23 Sep 2015
WebService-Strike-0.006 [OBSOLETE] Get torrent info from the now-discontinued API [Download] [Browse] 30 Jan 2016
WebService-TDWTF-0.002 retrieve articles from [Download] [Browse] 16 Jan 2016
WWW-BackpackTF-0.001 interface to the trading service [Download] [Browse] 06 Jun 2015
WWW-Offliberty-1.000002 interface to download service [Download] [Browse] 19 Dec 2015
WWW-Search-Coveralia-0.001 search with WWW::Search [Download] [Browse] 08 Nov 2014
WWW-Search-Torrentz-0.001003 search with WWW::Search [Download] [Browse] 21 Nov 2014
Zeal-0.001001 Read and query Dash/Zeal docsets [Download] [Browse] 14 Feb 2015