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Source   Latest Release: Font-TTF-Scripts-1.06


This module contains various scripts using the Font::TTF module.

Any suggestions, improvements, additions, subclasses, etc. would be gratefully received and probably included in a future release. Please send them to me.

This module has been tested on Win32, Unix and Mac.


If you have received this package as part of an Activestate PPM style .zip file then type

    ppm install Font-TTF.ppd


To configure this module, cd to the directory that contains this README file and type the following.

    perl Makefile.PL

Alternatively, if you plan to install Font::TTF somewhere other than your system's perl library directory. You can type something like this:

    perl Makefile.PL PREFIX=/home/me/perl INSTALLDIRS=perl

You need the following dependencies installed: Algorithm::Diff IO::String Text::PDF XML::Parser Unicode::String Text::Unicode::Equivalents

(On Debian/Ubuntu the corresponding packages to install are: libalgorithm-diff-perl libio-string-perl libtext-pdf-perl libxml-parser-perl libunicode-string-perl libtext-unicode-equivalents-perl)

Then to build you run make.


If you have write access to the perl library directories, you may then install by typing:

    make install

(sudo make install on Ubuntu)

To tidy up, type:

    make realclean

Win32 users should use pmake instead of make. Alternatively installation can be done on Win32 by typing:


Or using the install feature in tools like WinZip.


Martin Hosken (see CONTRIBUTORS for other authors).


Copyright (c) 1998-2014, SIL International (

This module and all the various scripts are released under the terms of the Artistic License 2.0. For details, see the full text of the license in the file LICENSE.

The fonts in the test suite are released under the Open Font License 1.1, see t/OFL.txt.

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