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Source   Latest Release: Safe-2.35
ChangeLog Changes from version to version ( and Safe.xs only)
Copying The GNU General Public License
MANIFEST This list of files
Makefile.PL Run through perl to create Makefile
README Introduction to the Safe extension
README.b1 Announcement for the beta1 version of Safe  [pod] Safe extension module
Safe.xs Safe extension implementation
test.results Brief comments on executing standard perl tests under Safe.
opmask.patch Patch to make perl opmask-aware (unless already included)
safedo A quick hack of a program for executing stuff under Safe.
safeops A list of the ops *allowed* in the default mask (for info).
t/names.t Test namespace of a Safe compartment
t/mask.t Test operation mask in a Safe compartment
t/share.t Test sharing variables with a Safe compartment
t/misc.t Test miscellaneous stuff in a Safe compartment