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Michael Roberts > Decl-0.11


This Release Decl-0.11  [Download] [Browse 20 Oct 2011 ** UNAUTHORIZED RELEASE **
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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1)
Special Files


Decl Provides a declarative framework for Perl   UNAUTHORIZED 0.11
Decl::DefaultParsers implements the default parsers for the Declarative language.     0.01
Decl::EventContext base class implementing an event context in a declarative structure.     0.01
Decl::NodalValuator implements the template valuator used in a nodal environment.     0.01
Decl::Node implements a node in a declarative structure.     0.08
Decl::Parser implements a parser to be defined using Decl::Semantics::Parse.     0.01
Decl::Semantics provides the framework for a set of semantic classes in a declarative framework.     0.01
Decl::Semantics::Code implements some code (perl or otherwise) in a declarative framework.     0.01
Decl::Semantics::Commandline implements a command line parser in an event context, using Getopt::Lucid     0.01
Decl::Semantics::Data implements a data table.     0.01
Decl::Semantics::Database implements a database handle.     0.01
Decl::Semantics::Macro defines or instantiates a macro.     0.01
Decl::Semantics::POD implements POD documentation in a declarative framework.     0.02
Decl::Semantics::Parse implements a parser specification.     0.01
Decl::Semantics::Repeat implements a repeated node     0.01
Decl::Semantics::Table implements a table in a database.     0.01
Decl::Semantics::Template implements a template     0.01
Decl::Semantics::Text implements a section of text (presumed human-readable)     0.01
Decl::Semantics::Use imports a module.     0.01
Decl::Semantics::Value implements a named value in an event context     0.01
Decl::Template implements a template in the Decl system.     0.01
Decl::Util some utility functions for the declarative framework - automatically included for generated code.     0.01


Decl::DefaultFilters implements some default filters for the Decl language.