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Module Version: 1.11   Source   Latest Release: App-OTRS-CreateTicket-1.16


App::OTRS::CreateTicket - create OTRS tickets via web services from the command line.


This module contains one script, otrs.CreateTicket.pl, which allows you to create tickets in OTRS from the command line.

For creating a ticket you'll need to have valid OTRS agent login credentials, as well as the TicketConnector web service installed on your OTRS machine. In order to use the GenericTicketConnector you need to use at least OTRS 3.1.

Activating the TicketConnector is easy. Download the yml file from the following URL: https://raw.github.com/OTRS/otrs/master/development/webservices/GenericTicketConnector.yml

Then log in to OTRS as an administrator, navigate to Admin > Web Services, click "Add web service", click "Import web service" and then navigate to the file you just downloaded.

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