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This Release CryptX-0.054  [Download] [Browse 12 Oct 2017
Latest Release CryptX-0.059  [Download] [Browse 25 Mar 2018
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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1)
Special Files


Crypt::AuthEnc [internal only]     0.054
Crypt::AuthEnc::CCM Authenticated encryption in CCM mode     0.054
Crypt::AuthEnc::ChaCha20Poly1305 Authenticated encryption in ChaCha20-Poly1305 mode     0.054
Crypt::AuthEnc::EAX Authenticated encryption in EAX mode     0.054
Crypt::AuthEnc::GCM Authenticated encryption in GCM mode     0.054
Crypt::AuthEnc::OCB Authenticated encryption in OCBv3 mode     0.054
Crypt::Checksum functional interface to CRC32 and Adler32 checksums     0.054
Crypt::Checksum::Adler32 Compute Adler32 checksum     0.054
Crypt::Checksum::CRC32 Compute CRC32 checksum     0.054
Crypt::Cipher Generic interface to cipher functions     0.054
Crypt::Cipher::AES Symetric cipher AES (aka Rijndael), key size: 128/192/256 bits (Crypt::CBC compliant)     0.054
Crypt::Cipher::Anubis Symetric cipher Anubis, key size: 128-320 bits (Crypt::CBC compliant)     0.054
Crypt::Cipher::Blowfish Symetric cipher Blowfish, key size: 64-448 bits (Crypt::CBC compliant)     0.054
Crypt::Cipher::CAST5 Symetric cipher CAST5 (aka CAST-128), key size: 40-128 bits (Crypt::CBC compliant)     0.054
Crypt::Cipher::Camellia Symetric cipher Camellia, key size: 128/192/256 bits (Crypt::CBC compliant)     0.054
Crypt::Cipher::DES Symetric cipher DES, key size: 64[56] bits (Crypt::CBC compliant)     0.054
Crypt::Cipher::DES_EDE Symetric cipher DES_EDE (aka Tripple-DES, 3DES), key size: 192[168] bits (Crypt::CBC compliant)     0.054
Crypt::Cipher::KASUMI Symetric cipher KASUMI, key size: 128 bits (Crypt::CBC compliant)     0.054
Crypt::Cipher::Khazad Symetric cipher Khazad, key size: 128 bits (Crypt::CBC compliant)     0.054
Crypt::Cipher::MULTI2 Symetric cipher MULTI2, key size: 320 bits (Crypt::CBC compliant)     0.054
Crypt::Cipher::Noekeon Symetric cipher Noekeon, key size: 128 bits (Crypt::CBC compliant)     0.054
Crypt::Cipher::RC2 Symetric cipher RC2, key size: 40-1024 bits (Crypt::CBC compliant)     0.054
Crypt::Cipher::RC5 Symetric cipher RC5, key size: 64-1024 bits (Crypt::CBC compliant)     0.054
Crypt::Cipher::RC6 Symetric cipher RC6, key size: 64-1024 bits (Crypt::CBC compliant)     0.054
Crypt::Cipher::SAFERP Symetric cipher SAFER+, key size: 128/192/256 bits (Crypt::CBC compliant)     0.054
Crypt::Cipher::SAFER_K128 Symetric cipher SAFER_K128, key size: 128 bits (Crypt::CBC compliant)     0.054
Crypt::Cipher::SAFER_K64 Symetric cipher SAFER_K64, key size: 64 bits (Crypt::CBC compliant)     0.054
Crypt::Cipher::SAFER_SK128 Symetric cipher SAFER_SK128, key size: 128 bits (Crypt::CBC compliant)     0.054
Crypt::Cipher::SAFER_SK64 Symetric cipher SAFER_SK64, key size: 64 bits (Crypt::CBC compliant)     0.054
Crypt::Cipher::SEED Symetric cipher SEED, key size: 128 bits (Crypt::CBC compliant)     0.054
Crypt::Cipher::Skipjack Symetric cipher Skipjack, key size: 80 bits (Crypt::CBC compliant)     0.054
Crypt::Cipher::Twofish Symetric cipher Twofish, key size: 128/192/256 bits (Crypt::CBC compliant)     0.054
Crypt::Cipher::XTEA Symetric cipher XTEA, key size: 128 bits (Crypt::CBC compliant)     0.054
Crypt::Digest Generic interface to hash/digest functions     0.054
Crypt::Digest::BLAKE2b_160 Hash function BLAKE2b [size: 160 bits]     0.054
Crypt::Digest::BLAKE2b_256 Hash function BLAKE2b [size: 256 bits]     0.054
Crypt::Digest::BLAKE2b_384 Hash function BLAKE2b [size: 384 bits]     0.054
Crypt::Digest::BLAKE2b_512 Hash function BLAKE2b [size: 512 bits]     0.054
Crypt::Digest::BLAKE2s_128 Hash function BLAKE2s [size: 128 bits]     0.054
Crypt::Digest::BLAKE2s_160 Hash function BLAKE2s [size: 160 bits]     0.054
Crypt::Digest::BLAKE2s_224 Hash function BLAKE2s [size: 224 bits]     0.054
Crypt::Digest::BLAKE2s_256 Hash function BLAKE2s [size: 256 bits]     0.054
Crypt::Digest::CHAES Hash function - CipherHash based on AES [size: 128 bits]     0.054
Crypt::Digest::MD2 Hash function MD2 [size: 128 bits]     0.054
Crypt::Digest::MD4 Hash function MD4 [size: 128 bits]     0.054
Crypt::Digest::MD5 Hash function MD5 [size: 128 bits]     0.054
Crypt::Digest::RIPEMD128 Hash function RIPEMD-128 [size: 128 bits]     0.054
Crypt::Digest::RIPEMD160 Hash function RIPEMD-160 [size: 160 bits]     0.054
Crypt::Digest::RIPEMD256 Hash function RIPEMD-256 [size: 256 bits]     0.054
Crypt::Digest::RIPEMD320 Hash function RIPEMD-320 [size: 320 bits]     0.054
Crypt::Digest::SHA1 Hash function SHA-1 [size: 160 bits]     0.054
Crypt::Digest::SHA224 Hash function SHA-224 [size: 224 bits]     0.054
Crypt::Digest::SHA256 Hash function SHA-256 [size: 256 bits]     0.054
Crypt::Digest::SHA384 Hash function SHA-384 [size: 384 bits]     0.054
Crypt::Digest::SHA3_224 Hash function SHA3-224 [size: 224 bits]     0.054
Crypt::Digest::SHA3_256 Hash function SHA3-256 [size: 256 bits]     0.054
Crypt::Digest::SHA3_384 Hash function SHA3-384 [size: 384 bits]     0.054
Crypt::Digest::SHA3_512 Hash function SHA3-512 [size: 512 bits]     0.054
Crypt::Digest::SHA512 Hash function SHA-512 [size: 512 bits]     0.054
Crypt::Digest::SHA512_224 Hash function SHA-512/224 [size: 224 bits]     0.054
Crypt::Digest::SHA512_256 Hash function SHA-512/256 [size: 256 bits]     0.054
Crypt::Digest::SHAKE Hash functions SHAKE128, SHAKE256 from SHA3 family     0.054
Crypt::Digest::Tiger192 Hash function Tiger-192 [size: 192 bits]     0.054
Crypt::Digest::Whirlpool Hash function Whirlpool [size: 512 bits]     0.054
Crypt::KeyDerivation PBKDF1, PBKFD2 and HKDF key derivation functions     0.054
Crypt::Mac [internal only]     0.054
Crypt::Mac::BLAKE2b Message authentication code BLAKE2b MAC (RFC 7693)     0.054
Crypt::Mac::BLAKE2s Message authentication code BLAKE2s MAC (RFC 7693)     0.054
Crypt::Mac::F9 Message authentication code F9     0.054
Crypt::Mac::HMAC Message authentication code HMAC     0.054
Crypt::Mac::OMAC Message authentication code OMAC     0.054
Crypt::Mac::PMAC Message authentication code PMAC     0.054
Crypt::Mac::Pelican Message authentication code Pelican (AES based MAC)     0.054
Crypt::Mac::Poly1305 Message authentication code Poly1305 (RFC 7539)     0.054
Crypt::Mac::XCBC Message authentication code XCBC (RFC 3566)     0.054
Crypt::Misc miscellaneous functions related to (or used by) CryptX     0.054
Crypt::Mode [internal only]     0.054
Crypt::Mode::CBC Block cipher mode CBC [Cipher-block chaining]     0.054
Crypt::Mode::CFB Block cipher mode CFB [Cipher feedback]     0.054
Crypt::Mode::CTR Block cipher mode CTR [Counter mode]     0.054
Crypt::Mode::ECB Block cipher mode ECB [Electronic codebook]     0.054
Crypt::Mode::OFB Block cipher mode OFB [Output feedback]     0.054
Crypt::PK [internal only]     0.054
Crypt::PK::DH Public key cryptography based on Diffie-Hellman     0.054
Crypt::PK::DSA Public key cryptography based on DSA     0.054
Crypt::PK::ECC Public key cryptography based on EC     0.054
Crypt::PK::RSA Public key cryptography based on RSA     0.054
Crypt::PRNG Cryptographically secure random number generator     0.054
Crypt::PRNG::ChaCha20 Cryptographically secure PRNG based on ChaCha20 (stream cipher) algorithm     0.054
Crypt::PRNG::Fortuna Cryptographically secure PRNG based on Fortuna algorithm     0.054
Crypt::PRNG::RC4 Cryptographically secure PRNG based on RC4 (stream cipher) algorithm     0.054
Crypt::PRNG::Sober128 Cryptographically secure PRNG based on Sober128 (stream cipher) algorithm     0.054
Crypt::PRNG::Yarrow Cryptographically secure PRNG based on Yarrow algorithm     0.054
Crypt::Stream::ChaCha Stream cipher ChaCha     0.054
Crypt::Stream::RC4 Stream cipher RC4     0.054
Crypt::Stream::Sober128 Stream cipher Sober128     0.054
CryptX Crypto toolkit (self-contained no external libraries needed)     0.054
Math::BigInt::LTM Use the libtommath library for Math::BigInt routines     0.054

Other Files