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Module Version: 1.2   Source   Latest Release: Device-SNP-1.3


Device::SNP - Perl extension for the GE Fanuc SNP-X serial protocol as used by GE Fanuc DataPanel data terminals. See


  use Device::SNP;

  my $s = new Device::SNP::Slave(
                       Portname => '/dev/ttyUSB0',
                       Debug => 0);

Amarok serial interface program: [-h] [-d] [-p portdevice]

portdevice defaults to /dev/ttyUSB0


This Device::SNP module contains an implementation of the GE Fanuc SNP-X serial protocol as used by GE Fanuc DataPanel data terminals. See


DataPanels are usually used with PLCs to monitor and control industrial equipment. They provide a programmable bitmap display, programmable function keys, and can poll and display data values and set data values in a remote PLC using the SNP-X serial protocol.

The Device::SNP::Slave object implements an SNP-X slave, opens a Device::Serial port and answers SNP-X requests to read and write data to a simulated PLC.

This package also contains a sample application that uses a DataPanel 160 to implement a remote control panel for the Amarok music player on Linux, allowing you to play, pause, next, prev tracks etc.

DataPanels are programmed with a GE application called DataDesigner, available from the GE web site for registered customers. Included in this package is a database for DataDesigner 5.2 for the Amarok remote control application. You will need DataDesigner 5.2 to download the datadesigner/linux.DTB database to the DataPanel 160

Tested on SuSE linux, but should run on pretty well any Linux or Unix.


None by default.



Mike McCauley, <>


Copyright 2006 Mike McCauley

This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.

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