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KAN Fushihara
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Distribution Released
Smart-Options-0.061 smart command line options processor [Download] [Browse] 11 May 2017
WebService-Mailgun-0.06 API client for Mailgun (L<>) [Download] [Browse] 02 Mar 2017
DBIx-Class-RandomStringColumns-0.10 Implicit random string columns [Download] [Browse] 25 May 2016
Devel-Cover-Report-Coveralls-0.11 coveralls backend for Devel::Cover [Download] [Browse] 08 Oct 2014
File-Stamped-0.08 time stamped log file [Download] [Browse] 29 Jul 2014
opts-0.07 (DEPRECATED) simple command line option parser [Download] [Browse] 21 Feb 2014
Acme-PrettyCure-0.1.3 All about Japanese battle heroine "Pretty Cure" [Download] [Browse] 03 Jan 2014
AnyEvent-IRC-Server-0.03 An event based IRC protocol server API [Download] [Browse] 02 May 2013
App-Donburi-0.03 Web to IRC Gateway [Download] [Browse] 04 Jul 2011
Sledge-Config-YAML-0.09 The configuration file of Sledge can be written by using YAML. [Download] [Browse] 10 Mar 2010
SWF-Generator-0.011 swf(adobe flash file) generator for perl5 [Download] [Browse] 24 Nov 2009
Sledge-HTTPSession-0.04 HTTP::Session to Sledge bindings [Download] [Browse] 28 Dec 2008
XIRCD-0.0.1   [Download] [Browse] 02 Jul 2008
Sledge-SessionManager-Auto-0.04 Sledge's session manger switcher [Download] [Browse] 12 Jun 2008
Sledge-SessionManager-MobileID-0.02 Sledge's session manager use mobile phone identify. [Download] [Browse] 20 Jan 2008
Moxy-0.05 Mobile web development proxy [Download] [Browse] 02 Jan 2008