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DBD::Mimer - Mimer SQL Driver for DBI


  use DBI;

  $dbh = DBI->connect('dbi:Mimer:DSN', 'user', 'password');

See DBI for more information.


DBD::Mimer is a Perl5 database interface for the Mimer SQL database.

Using this module is one of several ways of accessing Mimer SQL from the Perl programming language. The most portable way is to use DBD::ODBC through a driver manager. The driver manager offers an abstraction layer which improves portability. In some situations, using a driver manager is not feasible. This could be true because you don't want to install a driver manager on your system, or that there is no driver manager available for your type of system.

DBD::Mimer offers the same features as DBD::ODBC but links statically with the Mimer ODBC driver, thus skipping the driver manager.

Most of the code, build scripts and documentation is derived from DBD::ODBC. Development of DBD::Mimer will not extend beyond features offered by DBD::ODBC. This way, anyone using DBD::Mimer can easily switch to DBD::ODBC when a driver manager is preferred.

Recent Updates

 This is the first DBD::Mimer release. 

 Most of the code has been forked from DBD::ODBC 1.06. Our compliments
 to the original author and subsequent maintainers. Code was added to
 handle Mimer data sources. Tests, included in DBD::ODBC, not coded
 against SQL-99 was dropped. Some tests in DBD::ODBC was hardcoded
 using Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle specific SQL constructs.
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