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Keystone::Resolver::ContextObject - an OpenURL Framework (Z39.88) ContextObject


 $co = new Keystone::Resolver::ContextObject(\%args);


Read the OpenURL v1.0 standard (Z39.88) to understand the details, but a ContextObject is a group of six Descriptors, each of which describes an Entity, plus a small amount of additional administrative information. The six types of Entity include Referent (the thing we're trying to resolve), Referer (the service that generated the OpenURL), etc. The administrative information includes details such as the character encoding used by the constituent entities (which is UTF-8 by default, unless otherwise specified by a ctx_enc argument, in which case the data is all canonicalised into UTF-8 anyway.)



 $co = new Keystone::Resolver::ContextObject(\%args);

Constructs a new ContextObject from the specified set of arguments. Although the class model of the code is based on v1.0 of the OpenURL standard, v0.1 OpenURLs are also transparently handled, so that equivalent v0.1 and v1.0 OpenURL parameter sets are built into identical ContextObjects.

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