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Distribution Released
abbreviation-0.02 Perl pragma to abbreviate class names [Download] [Browse] 26 Jun 2001
Acme-DateTime-Duration-Numeric-0.03 ActiveSupport equivalent to Perl numeric variables [Download] [Browse] 15 Jan 2008
Acme-Module-Authors-0.01 Thank you CPAN authors [Download] [Browse] 20 Nov 2002
Acme-Sneeze-0.02 Bless you [Download] [Browse] 01 Aug 2006
Acme-Sneeze-JP-0.01 Someone is talking about you [Download] [Browse] 21 Aug 2006
Acme-Test-VW-0.01 Makes your tests always pass under CI [Download] [Browse] 08 Oct 2015
AnyEvent-Atom-Stream-0.02 XML::Atom::Stream with AnyEvent [Download] [Browse] 16 Jul 2009
AnyEvent-DBI-Abstract-0.01 AnyEvent::DBI + SQL::Abstract [Download] [Browse] 03 Jan 2010
AnyEvent-FriendFeed-Realtime-0.05 Subscribe to FriendFeed Real-time API [Download] [Browse] 14 Dec 2010
AnyEvent-mDNS-0.06 Multicast DNS in AnyEvent style [Download] [Browse] 28 Dec 2012
AnyEvent-Redis-0.22 Non-blocking Redis client [Download] [Browse] 31 Oct 2010
AnyEvent-ReverseHTTP-0.05 reversehttp for AnyEvent [Download] [Browse] 05 Aug 2009
AnyEvent-Twitter-Stream-0.28 Receive Twitter streaming API in an event loop [Download] [Browse] 29 Jul 2016
Apache-ACEProxy-0.04 IDN compatible ACE proxy server [Download] [Browse] 11 Mar 2002
Apache-AntiSpam-0.05 AntiSpam filter for web pages [Download] [Browse] 02 May 2002
Apache-Clickable-0.02 Make URLs and Emails in HTML clickable [Download] [Browse] 02 May 2002
Apache-CustomKeywords-0.03 Customizable toolbar for MSIE [Download] [Browse] 14 Aug 2002
Apache-DefaultCharset-0.02 AddDefaultCharset configuration from mod_perl [Download] [Browse] 01 Sep 2002
Apache-GuessCharset-0.03 adds HTTP charset by guessing file's encoding [Download] [Browse] 10 May 2002
Apache-JavaScript-DocumentWrite-0.02 replaces document as javascript document.write [Download] [Browse] 16 Dec 2003
Apache-No404Proxy-0.05 404 free Proxy [Download] [Browse] 12 Apr 2002
Apache-Profiler-0.01 profiles time seconds needed for every request [Download] [Browse] 06 Oct 2003
Apache-Session-CacheAny-0.03 use Cache::* for Apache::Session storage [Download] [Browse] 10 May 2005
Apache-Session-Generate-ModUniqueId-0.02 use mod_unique_id for session ID generation [Download] [Browse] 11 Oct 2001
Apache-Session-Generate-ModUsertrack-0.02 uses mod_usertrack for session ID generation [Download] [Browse] 21 Nov 2002
Apache-Session-PHP-0.05 glues Apache::Session with PHP::Session [Download] [Browse] 02 Feb 2004
Apache-Session-Serialize-YAML-0.02 use YAML for serialization [Download] [Browse] 17 Jul 2002
Apache-Singleton-0.07 Singleton class for mod_perl [Download] [Browse] 21 Oct 2004
Apache-StickyQuery-0.02 rewrites links using sticky query [Download] [Browse] 17 Oct 2001
App-CPAN-Fresh-0.12 Query and install CPAN modules realtime from the fresh mirror [Download] [Browse] 17 Apr 2015
App-cpanminus-1.7907-TRIAL get, unpack, build and install modules from CPAN [Download] [Browse] 26 Apr 2018
App-PAUSE-Comaint-0.07 Make someone co-maint of your module on PAUSE/CPAN [Download] [Browse] 20 Mar 2017
App-PAUSE-TimeMachine-0.05 Web server and CLI to display PAUSE package list in previous time [Download] [Browse] 17 Apr 2015
Archive-Any-Create-0.03 Abstract API to create archives (tar.gz and zip) [Download] [Browse] 06 Jun 2013
Attribute-Profiled-0.03 Profiles specific methods in class [Download] [Browse] 18 Sep 2001
Attribute-Protected-0.03 implementing proctected methods with attributes [Download] [Browse] 15 Dec 2001
Attribute-Unimplemented-0.02 mark unimplemented methods [Download] [Browse] 02 Sep 2001
autobox-DateTime-Duration-0.02 ActiveSupport equivalent to Perl numeric variables [Download] [Browse] 15 Jan 2008
Bundle-Sledge-0.04 Bundle to install all Sledge related modules [Download] [Browse] 24 Feb 2004
capitalization-0.03 no capitalization on method names [Download] [Browse] 05 May 2005
Carmel-v0.1.37 CPAN Artifact Repository Manager [Download] [Browse] 25 Apr 2018
carton-v0.9.67-TRIAL Perl module dependency manager (aka Bundler for Perl) [Download] [Browse] 24 Jul 2013
Carton-v1.0.33 Perl module dependency manager (aka Bundler for Perl) [Download] [Browse] 04 May 2018
Catalyst-Engine-PSGI-0.14 PSGI engine for Catalyst [Download] [Browse] 19 Apr 2015
Catalyst-Plugin-Authentication-Credential-AOL-0.02 AOL OpenAuth credential [Download] [Browse] 27 Apr 2007
Catalyst-Plugin-Authentication-Credential-OpenID-0.03 OpenID credential for Catalyst::Auth framework [Download] [Browse] 26 Oct 2007
Catalyst-Plugin-JSONRPC-0.01 Dispatch JSON-RPC methods with Catalyst [Download] [Browse] 03 Jan 2006
Catalyst-View-Jemplate-0.06 Jemplate files server [Download] [Browse] 04 May 2007
Catalyst-View-JSON-0.33 JSON view for your data [Download] [Browse] 12 Apr 2011
CGI-Compile-0.22 Compile .cgi scripts to a code reference like ModPerl::Registry [Download] [Browse] 02 Feb 2017
CGI-Emulate-PSGI-0.22 PSGI adapter for CGI [Download] [Browse] 19 Jul 2016
CGI-PSGI-0.15 Adapt to the PSGI protocol [Download] [Browse] 17 May 2011
CGI-Untaint-email-0.03 validate an email address [Download] [Browse] 28 Oct 2001
Class-DBI-AbstractSearch-0.07 Abstract Class::DBI's SQL with SQL::Abstract::Limit [Download] [Browse] 05 Oct 2005
Class-DBI-Extension-0.01 Some extension for Class::DBI [Download] [Browse] 25 Jun 2001
Class-DBI-Pager-0.08 Pager utility for Class::DBI [Download] [Browse] 28 Feb 2006
Class-DBI-Replication-0.01 Class::DBI for replicated database [Download] [Browse] 01 Jul 2001
Class-DBI-SQLite-0.11 Extension to Class::DBI for sqlite [Download] [Browse] 05 Oct 2005
Class-DBI-View-0.07 Virtual table for Class::DBI [Download] [Browse] 03 Aug 2005
Class-Trigger-0.14 Mixin to add / call inheritable triggers [Download] [Browse] 11 Oct 2009
Convert-Base32-0.02 Encoding and decoding of base32 strings [Download] [Browse] 17 Jul 2001
Convert-DUDE-0.02 Conversion between Unicode and DUDE [Download] [Browse] 27 Jul 2001
Convert-RACE-0.07 Conversion between Unicode and RACE [Download] [Browse] 30 Oct 2001
Corona-0.1004 Coro based PSGI web server [Download] [Browse] 28 Mar 2010
cpan-listchanges-0.07 list changes for CPAN modules [Download] [Browse] 21 Jul 2015
CPAN-Mini-Growl-0.03 Growls updates from CPAN::Mini [Download] [Browse] 27 Apr 2009
CPAN-Test-Dummy-MultiPkgVer-0.01 CPAN Test Dummy that has multiple packages in one file with different versions [Download] [Browse] 06 Feb 2013
CPAN-Test-Dummy-MultiPkgVer-NoMETA-0.01 CPAN Test Dummy that has multiple packages in one file with different versions [Download] [Browse] 20 Apr 2013
CPAN-Test-Dummy-Perl5-Deps-UndefModule-0.01 Dummy test module with a dependency on module with undef version [Download] [Browse] 22 May 2016
CPAN-Test-Dummy-Perl5-Deps-VersionRange-0.01 Dummy package that has version range in prereqs [Download] [Browse] 04 Aug 2013
CPAN-Test-Dummy-Perl5-DifferentProvides-0.01 Dist with non-matching provides [Download] [Browse] 14 Feb 2015
CPAN-Test-Dummy-Perl5-EmptyProvides-0.01 Distribution with empty hash provides metadata [Download] [Browse] 14 Feb 2015
CPAN-Test-Dummy-Perl5-StaticInstall-0.01 Dummy CPAN distribution with x_static_install metadata [Download] [Browse] 24 Jun 2015
CPAN-Test-Dummy-Perl5-UseUnsafeINC-Fail-0.04 Fails when PERL_USE_UNSAFE_INC is set [Download] [Browse] 22 Apr 2018
CPAN-Test-Dummy-Perl5-UseUnsafeINC-One-0.01 x_use_unsafe_inc 1 [Download] [Browse] 22 Apr 2018
CPAN-Test-Dummy-Perl5-VersionBump-0.02 Test distribution that contains increasing and decreasing versions [Download] [Browse] 17 Apr 2015
CPAN-Test-Dummy-Perl5-VersionDeclare-v0.0.1 Dummy CPAN distribution with $VERSION delcared with [Download] [Browse] 05 Aug 2013
CPAN-Test-Dummy-Perl5-VersionQV-v0.1.0 qv() version [Download] [Browse] 05 Aug 2013
Data-Section-Simple-0.07 Read data from __DATA__ [Download] [Browse] 23 Apr 2014
Data-YUID-0.03 Distributed ID generator ("Yet another Unique ID") [Download] [Browse] 19 Dec 2007
Date-Japanese-Era-0.06 Conversion between Japanese Era / Gregorian calendar [Download] [Browse] 14 Jun 2006
Date-Range-Birth-0.02 range of birthday for an age [Download] [Browse] 07 Dec 2001
DateTime-Span-Birthdate-0.03 Date span of birthdays for an age [Download] [Browse] 26 Oct 2007
Devel-StackTrace-AsHTML-0.15 Displays stack trace in HTML [Download] [Browse] 01 Apr 2016
Device-KeyStroke-Mobile-0.01 Calculate key stroke times with mobile phone keypads [Download] [Browse] 20 Feb 2003
Dist-Milla-v1.0.20 Distribution builder, Opinionated but Unobtrusive [Download] [Browse] 22 Apr 2018
Dist-Zilla-Plugin-LicenseFromModule-0.05 Extract License and Copyright from its main_module file [Download] [Browse] 23 Aug 2014
Dist-Zilla-Plugin-MakeMaker-IncShareDir-0.01 MakeMaker subclass that bundles File::ShareDir::Install in inc/ [Download] [Browse] 23 Jul 2013
Dist-Zilla-Plugin-NameFromDirectory-0.04 Guess distribution name from the current directory [Download] [Browse] 23 Apr 2016
Dist-Zilla-Plugin-Prereqs-FromCPANfile-0.08 Parse cpanfile for prereqs [Download] [Browse] 14 Dec 2014
Dist-Zilla-Plugin-ReversionOnRelease-0.06 Bump and reversion $VERSION on release [Download] [Browse] 10 Jul 2016
Dunce-time-0.02 Protects against sloppy use of time. [Download] [Browse] 11 Jun 2001
Email-Find-0.10 Find RFC 822 email addresses in plain text [Download] [Browse] 16 Jan 2007
Email-Valid-Loose-0.05 Email::Valid which allows dot before at mark [Download] [Browse] 25 Jun 2006
Encode-Base58-0.01 Base58 encodings (for Flickr short URI) [Download] [Browse] 01 Jul 2009
Encode-DoubleEncodedUTF8-0.05 Fix double encoded UTF-8 bytes to the correct one [Download] [Browse] 07 Jul 2011
Encode-First-0.01 Encode strings in a first possible encoding [Download] [Browse] 27 Mar 2007
Encode-JavaScript-UCS-0.01 JavaScript unicode character encoding [Download] [Browse] 24 Jul 2006
Encode-JP-Mobile-0.30 日本の携帯電話向け Shift_JIS (CP932) / UTF-8 エンコーディング [Download] [Browse] 22 Oct 2012
Encode-Punycode-0.02 Encode plugin for Punycode encodings [Download] [Browse] 06 May 2002
File-Find-Rule-Digest-0.01 rules for matchig checksum [Download] [Browse] 25 Nov 2002
File-Spotlight-0.05 List files from Smart Folder by reading .savedSearch files [Download] [Browse] 23 Jul 2009
Filesys-Notify-Simple-0.13 Simple and dumb file system watcher [Download] [Browse] 07 Mar 2018
forkprove-v0.4.10 forking prove [Download] [Browse] 20 Jun 2014
Geo-Coder-Google-0.06 Google Maps Geocoding API [Download] [Browse] 15 Oct 2009
Hash-MultiValue-0.15 Store multiple values per key [Download] [Browse] 02 Jun 2013
HTML-AutoPagerize-0.02 Utility to load AutoPagerize SITEINFO stuff [Download] [Browse] 18 Sep 2011
HTML-Entities-ImodePictogram-0.06 i-modeÍѳ¨ʸ»ú¤Υ¨¥ [Download] [Browse] 23 Jun 2003
HTML-RelExtor-0.03 Extract "rel" and "rev" information from LINK and A tags. [Download] [Browse] 11 Apr 2009
HTML-ResolveLink-0.05 Resolve relative links in (X)HTML into absolute URI [Download] [Browse] 28 Nov 2006
HTML-Selector-XPath-0.08 CSS Selector to XPath compiler [Download] [Browse] 18 Sep 2011
HTML-TreeBuilder-LibXML-0.11 HTML::TreeBuilder and XPath compatible interface with libxml [Download] [Browse] 06 Oct 2009
HTML-XSSLint-0.01 audit XSS vulnerability of web pages [Download] [Browse] 05 Aug 2002
HTTP-MobileAgent-0.18 HTTP mobile user agent string parser [Download] [Browse] 01 Sep 2003
HTTP-ProxyPAC-0.01 parse PAC (Proxy Auto Config) files [Download] [Browse] 24 May 2006
HTTP-Server-Simple-Authen-0.04 Authentication plugin for HTTP::Server::Simple [Download] [Browse] 14 Jan 2006
HTTP-Server-Simple-Bonjour-0.02 Bonjour plugin for HTTP::Server::Simple [Download] [Browse] 07 Aug 2008
HTTP-Server-Simple-PSGI-0.16 PSGI handler for HTTP::Server::Simple [Download] [Browse] 22 Aug 2013
HTTP-Tinyish-0.14 HTTP::Tiny compatible HTTP client wrappers [Download] [Browse] 20 Apr 2018
IDNA-Punycode-0.02 encodes Unicode string in Punycode [Download] [Browse] 19 May 2002
Inline-Basic-0.01 Write Perl subroutines in Basic [Download] [Browse] 21 Oct 2001
Inline-TT-0.02 use TT BLOCK as your Perl sub [Download] [Browse] 21 Aug 2002
JSON-Syck-0.07 JSON is YAML [Download] [Browse] 14 Feb 2006
Kwiki-Emoticon-0.03 Emoticon phrase for Kwiki [Download] [Browse] 14 Jan 2006
Kwiki-Export-0.02 export Kwiki content into other Wiki formats [Download] [Browse] 14 Jan 2006
Kwiki-Footnote-0.01 Footnote plugin for Kwiki [Download] [Browse] 02 Apr 2005
Kwiki-OpenSearch-0.02 OpenSearch plugin for Kwiki [Download] [Browse] 25 Mar 2005
Kwiki-OpenSearch-Service-0.02 Make your Kwiki compatible to A9 OpenSearch [Download] [Browse] 09 Jan 2006
Kwiki-TypeKey-0.08 Kwiki TypeKey integration [Download] [Browse] 29 Nov 2006
Kwiki-URLBL-0.02 Block edit based on added URLs by checking URL DNSBL [Download] [Browse] 17 Oct 2005
lib-require-all-0.01 A tiny pragma to load all files from a lib directory [Download] [Browse] 08 Nov 2012
Lingua-JA-Hepburn-Passport-0.02 Hepburn Romanization using Japanese passport rules [Download] [Browse] 08 Dec 2007
Log-Dispatch-Config-1.04 Log4j for Perl [Download] [Browse] 14 Apr 2011
Log-Dispatch-DBI-0.02 Class for logging to database via DBI interface [Download] [Browse] 11 Apr 2002
LWP-Protocol-PSGI-0.10 Override LWP's HTTP/HTTPS backend with your own PSGI application [Download] [Browse] 29 May 2017
LWP-UserAgent-Keychain-0.01 UserAgent that looks up passwords on Mac OS X keychain [Download] [Browse] 13 Feb 2008
Mac-Macbinary-0.06 Decodes Macbinary files [Download] [Browse] 01 Jul 2004
Mac-Spotlight-0.06   [Download] [Browse] 24 Jul 2009
Mail-Address-MobileJp-0.09 mobile email address in Japan [Download] [Browse] 08 Jan 2009
Mail-ListDetector-Detector-Fml-0.03 FML message detector [Download] [Browse] 02 Jan 2002
Menlo-1.9019 A CPAN client [Download] [Browse] 25 Apr 2018
Menlo-Legacy-1.9021 Legacy internal and client support for Menlo [Download] [Browse] 26 Apr 2018
Minilla-v2.4.2-TRIAL CPAN module authoring tool [Download] [Browse] 12 Jul 2015
Module-CPANfile-1.1004 Parse cpanfile [Download] [Browse] 26 Apr 2018
Module-Install-CPANfile-0.12 Include cpanfile [Download] [Browse] 04 Jun 2013
Module-Install-Repository-0.06 Automatically sets repository URL from svn/svk/Git checkout [Download] [Browse] 12 Aug 2009
MSIE-MenuExt-0.02 Generates registry file (.reg) for MSIE Menu Extension [Download] [Browse] 11 Sep 2003
Net-DAAP-Server-AAC-0.01 DAAP server that handles MP3 and AAC [Download] [Browse] 18 Jan 2006
Net-IDN-Nameprep-0.02 IDN nameprep tools [Download] [Browse] 30 Oct 2001
Net-IPAddr-Find-0.02 Find IP addresses in plain text [Download] [Browse] 04 Oct 2001
Net-Twitter-OAuth-0.06 Net::Twitter subclass that uses OAuth instead of Basic Auth [Download] [Browse] 28 May 2009
Net-YahooMessenger-0.16 Interface to the Yahoo!Messenger IM protocol [Download] [Browse] 12 Nov 2004
NetAddr-IP-Find-0.03 Find IP addresses in plain text [Download] [Browse] 07 Jul 2003
P2P-Transmission-Remote-0.02 Control Transmission using its Remote API [Download] [Browse] 31 Oct 2008
Path-Class-URI-0.04 Serializes and deserializes Path::Class objects as file:// URI [Download] [Browse] 02 Dec 2008
perl-5.13.6 The Perl language interpreter [Download] [Browse] 20 Oct 2010
Perlbal-Plugin-PSGI-0.03 PSGI web server on Perlbal [Download] [Browse] 27 Feb 2010
PHP-Session-0.27 read / write PHP session files [Download] [Browse] 30 Jan 2009
Plack-1.0047 Perl Superglue for Web frameworks and Web Servers (PSGI toolkit) [Download] [Browse] 10 Feb 2018
Plack-App-FCGIDispatcher-0.10 Dispatch requests to FCGI servers [Download] [Browse] 31 May 2011
Plack-Handler-AnyEvent-FCGI-0.01 Asynchronous FCGI handler for PSGI using AnyEvent::FCGI [Download] [Browse] 10 May 2011
Plack-Handler-AnyEvent-HTTPD-0.03 Plack handler to run PSGI apps on AnyEvent::HTTPD [Download] [Browse] 08 Aug 2012
Plack-Handler-AnyEvent-ReverseHTTP-0.04 reversehttp gateway for PSGI application [Download] [Browse] 16 Feb 2010
Plack-Handler-AnyEvent-SCGI-0.03 PSGI handler on AnyEvent::SCGI [Download] [Browse] 09 Nov 2014
Plack-Handler-FCGI-EV-0.01 PSGI handler for FCGI::EV [Download] [Browse] 10 May 2011
Plack-Handler-SCGI-0.02 PSGI handler on SCGI daemon [Download] [Browse] 21 Mar 2010
Plack-Middleware-Auth-Digest-0.05 Digest authentication [Download] [Browse] 31 Mar 2015
Plack-Middleware-ConsoleLogger-0.05 Write logs to Firebug or Webkit Inspector [Download] [Browse] 20 Jan 2015
Plack-Middleware-Debug-0.17 display information about the current request/response [Download] [Browse] 21 Feb 2018
Plack-Middleware-Deflater-0.03 Compress response body with Gzip or Deflate [Download] [Browse] 02 Apr 2010
Plack-Middleware-File-Sass-0.03 Sass and SCSS support for all Plack frameworks [Download] [Browse] 13 Feb 2011
Plack-Middleware-InteractiveDebugger-0.01 Awesome Interactive Debugger ala Werkzeug [Download] [Browse] 29 Jun 2011
Plack-Middleware-Log-Contextual-0.01 integrate Log::Contextual with Plack/PSGI logger middleware [Download] [Browse] 12 May 2011
Plack-Middleware-MethodOverride-0.20 Override REST methods to Plack apps via POST [Download] [Browse] 25 May 2018
Plack-Middleware-REPL-0.01 REPL when your application throws errors or warnings [Download] [Browse] 12 May 2011
Plack-Middleware-ReverseProxy-0.15 Supports app to run as a reverse proxy backend [Download] [Browse] 07 Jan 2013
Plack-Middleware-Session-0.30 Middleware for session management [Download] [Browse] 02 Mar 2015
Plack-Server-AnyEvent-0.04 DEPRECATED. Use Twiggy [Download] [Browse] 17 May 2010
Plack-Server-Coro-0.02 Coro cooperative multithread web server [Download] [Browse] 24 Oct 2009
Plack-Server-ReverseHTTP-0.02 reversehttp gateway for PSGI application [Download] [Browse] 05 Jan 2010
Plack-Server-ServerSimple-0.03 Plack Server implementation that uses HTTP::Server::Simple [Download] [Browse] 05 Jan 2010
Plagger-0.7.17 Pluggable RSS/Atom Aggregator [Download] [Browse] 04 Dec 2006
POE-Component-Client-AirTunes-0.01 Stream music to Airport Express [Download] [Browse] 08 Jan 2006
POE-Component-Client-Lingr-0.04 POE chat component for [Download] [Browse] 29 Jan 2007
POE-Component-YahooMessenger-0.05 POE component for Yahoo! Messenger [Download] [Browse] 01 Dec 2002
PSGI-1.102 Perl Web Server Gateway Interface Specification [Download] [Browse] 24 Jul 2013
RPC-XML-Parser-LibXML-0.04 Fast XML-RPC parser with libxml [Download] [Browse] 24 Oct 2008
ShipIt-0.60 software release tool [Download] [Browse] 07 Feb 2013
Starman-0.4014 High-performance preforking PSGI/Plack web server [Download] [Browse] 03 Jun 2015
Task-Plack-0.28 Plack bundle [Download] [Browse] 12 May 2013
Tatsumaki-0.1013 Non-blocking web framework based on Plack and AnyEvent [Download] [Browse] 07 Jul 2011
Tatsumaki-Service-XMPP-0.02 XMPP inbound service for Tatsumaki [Download] [Browse] 11 Nov 2009
Template-Plugin-Clickable-0.06 Make URLs clickable in HTML [Download] [Browse] 19 Feb 2006
Template-Plugin-Comma-0.04 TT Plugin to commify numbers [Download] [Browse] 24 Jan 2005
Template-Plugin-FillInForm-0.04 TT plugin for HTML::FillInForm [Download] [Browse] 13 Nov 2002
Template-Plugin-HTML-Template-0.02 HTML::Template filter in TT [Download] [Browse] 25 Sep 2002
Template-Plugin-JavaScript-0.02 Encodes text to be safe in JavaScript [Download] [Browse] 15 Dec 2010
Template-Plugin-MobileAgent-0.01 TT interface for HTTP::MobileAgent [Download] [Browse] 13 Nov 2002
Template-Plugin-ResolveLink-0.01 Template plugin for HTML::ResolveLink [Download] [Browse] 28 Sep 2006
Template-Plugin-Shuffle-0.02 TT Vmethods for shuffling lists [Download] [Browse] 26 Oct 2007
Template-Provider-Encoding-0.10 Explicitly declare encodings of your templates [Download] [Browse] 01 Aug 2007
Term-Encoding-0.02 Detect encoding of the current terminal [Download] [Browse] 13 Jul 2006
Term-TtyRec-0.03 handles ttyrec data [Download] [Browse] 17 Oct 2001
Test-Synopsis-0.06 Test your SYNOPSIS code [Download] [Browse] 06 Jul 2009
Text-Emoticon-0.04 Factory class for Yahoo! and MSN emoticons [Download] [Browse] 22 Feb 2006
Text-Emoticon-GoogleTalk-0.01 Emoticon filter of GoogleTalk [Download] [Browse] 22 Feb 2006
Text-Emoticon-MSN-0.04 Emoticon filter of MSN Messenger [Download] [Browse] 10 Jan 2006
Text-Emoticon-Yahoo-0.02 Emoticon filter of Yahoo! Messenger [Download] [Browse] 10 Jan 2006
Text-MessageFormat-0.01 Language neutral way to display messages [Download] [Browse] 20 Aug 2002
TheSchwartz-Simple-0.05 Lightweight TheSchwartz job dispatcher using plain DBI [Download] [Browse] 08 Feb 2009
Time-Duration-ja-0.02 describe Time duration in Japanese [Download] [Browse] 24 Apr 2005
Time-Duration-Parse-0.06 Parse string that represents time duration [Download] [Browse] 30 May 2008
Twiggy-0.1025 AnyEvent HTTP server for PSGI (like Thin) [Download] [Browse] 03 Jan 2015
URI-Find-UTF8-0.05 Finds URI from arbitrary text containing UTF8 raw characters in its path [Download] [Browse] 06 Nov 2015
URI-git-0.02 git URI scheme [Download] [Browse] 07 Nov 2009
URI-tag-0.02 Tag URI Scheme (RFC 4151) [Download] [Browse] 07 Nov 2009
URI-urn-uuid-0.03 UUID URN Namespace [Download] [Browse] 07 Nov 2009
Video-Subtitle-SRT-0.01 Handle Subtitle (.SRT) file with a callback [Download] [Browse] 14 Mar 2007
Web-oEmbed-0.04 oEmbed consumer [Download] [Browse] 02 Jul 2009
Web-Scraper-0.38 Web Scraping Toolkit using HTML and CSS Selectors or XPath expressions [Download] [Browse] 19 Oct 2014
WebService-Bloglines-0.12 Easy-to-use Interface for Bloglines Web Services [Download] [Browse] 11 Nov 2006
WebService-ChangesXml-0.01 Do something with updated blogs on Weblogs.Com [Download] [Browse] 06 Nov 2003
WebService-Google-Suggest-0.03 Google Suggest as an API [Download] [Browse] 11 Oct 2007
WebService-Lingr-0.02 Low-level Lingr Chat API [Download] [Browse] 29 Jan 2007
WWW-Baseball-NPB-0.03 Fetches Japanese baseball games information [Download] [Browse] 31 Mar 2002
WWW-Blog-Metadata-MobileLinkDiscovery-0.02 Mobile Link Discovery plugin for WWW::Blog::Metadata [Download] [Browse] 08 Dec 2005
WWW-Blog-Metadata-OpenID-0.01 Extract OpenID server from weblog [Download] [Browse] 27 Jul 2005
WWW-Blog-Metadata-OpenSearch-0.01 OpenSearch Description Auto-Discovery [Download] [Browse] 09 Jan 2006
WWW-Cache-Google-0.04 URI class for Google cache [Download] [Browse] 11 Apr 2002
WWW-Mechanize-AutoPager-0.02 Automatic Pagination using AutoPagerize [Download] [Browse] 05 Jun 2008
WWW-Mechanize-DecodedContent-0.02 decode Mech content using its HTTP response encoding [Download] [Browse] 22 Nov 2008
WWW-NicoVideo-Download-0.06 Download FLV/MP4/SWF files from [Download] [Browse] 25 Mar 2010
WWW-OpenSearch-0.05 Search A9 OpenSearch compatible engines [Download] [Browse] 09 Jan 2006
WWW-Shorten-RevCanonical-0.03 Shorten URL using rev="canonical" [Download] [Browse] 13 Apr 2009
WWW-Shorten-Simple-0.02 Factory wrapper around WWW::Shorten to avoid imports [Download] [Browse] 20 Dec 2015
XML-Atom-0.42 Atom feed and API implementation [Download] [Browse] 11 May 2017
XML-Atom-Lifeblog-0.03 Post lifeblog items using AtomAPI [Download] [Browse] 06 Jul 2005
XML-Atom-Stream-0.11 A client interface for AtomStream [Download] [Browse] 09 Jan 2008
XML-Liberal-0.30 Super liberal XML parser that parses broken XML [Download] [Browse] 24 Jan 2013
XML-OPML-LibXML-0.04 Parse OPML document with LibXML parser [Download] [Browse] 11 Oct 2006