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Max Kanat-Alexander > Parse-StackTrace-0.08


This Release Parse-StackTrace-0.08  [Download] [Browse 08 Aug 2009
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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1)
Special Files


Parse::StackTrace Parse the text representation of a stack trace into an object.     0.08
Parse::StackTrace::Exceptions Exceptions that can be thrown by Parse::StackTrace modules      
Parse::StackTrace::Frame A single frame (containing a single function) from a stack trace.      
Parse::StackTrace::Thread A single thread (or the only thread) of a stack trace.      
Parse::StackTrace::Type::GDB A stack trace produced by GDB, the GNU Debugger     0.08
Parse::StackTrace::Type::GDB::Frame A GDB stack frame      
Parse::StackTrace::Type::GDB::Thread A thread from a GDB stack trace      
Parse::StackTrace::Type::Python A stack trace produced by python     0.08
Parse::StackTrace::Type::Python::Frame A frame from a Python stack trace      
Parse::StackTrace::Type::Python::Thread A thread from a Python stack trace.