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Marc A. Lehmann > AnyEvent-7.14


This Release AnyEvent-7.14  [Download] [Browse 23 Jun 2017
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Special Files


AE simpler/faster/newer/cooler AnyEvent API      
AnyEvent the DBI of event loop programming     7.14
AnyEvent::DNS fully asynchronous DNS resolution      
AnyEvent::Debug debugging utilities for AnyEvent      
AnyEvent::Handle non-blocking I/O on streaming handles via AnyEvent      
AnyEvent::IO the DBI of asynchronous I/O implementations      
AnyEvent::IO::IOAIO AnyEvent::IO backend based on IO::AIO      
AnyEvent::IO::Perl pure perl backend for AnyEvent::IO      
AnyEvent::Impl::Cocoa AnyEvent adaptor for Cocoa::EventLoop      
AnyEvent::Impl::EV AnyEvent adaptor for EV      
AnyEvent::Impl::Event AnyEvent adaptor for Event      
AnyEvent::Impl::EventLib AnyEvent adaptor for Event::Lib      
AnyEvent::Impl::FLTK AnyEvent adaptor for FLTK (Fast Light Toolkit version two)      
AnyEvent::Impl::Glib AnyEvent adaptor for Glib      
AnyEvent::Impl::IOAsync AnyEvent adaptor for IO::Async      
AnyEvent::Impl::Irssi AnyEvent adaptor for Irssi      
AnyEvent::Impl::POE AnyEvent adaptor for POE      
AnyEvent::Impl::Perl AnyEvent adaptor for AnyEvent's pure perl AnyEvent::Loop      
AnyEvent::Impl::Qt AnyEvent adaptor for Qt      
AnyEvent::Impl::Tk AnyEvent adaptor for Tk      
AnyEvent::Impl::UV AnyEvent adaptor for UV      
AnyEvent::Log simple logging "framework"      
AnyEvent::Loop AnyEvent's Pure-Perl event loop      
AnyEvent::Socket useful IPv4 and IPv6 stuff. also unix domain sockets. and stuff.      
AnyEvent::Strict force strict mode on for the whole process      
AnyEvent::TLS SSLv2/SSLv3/TLSv1 contexts for use in AnyEvent::Handle      
AnyEvent::Util various utility functions.      


AnyEvent::FAQ frequently asked questions  
AnyEvent::Intro an introductory tutorial to AnyEvent