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Vyacheslav Matyukhin > Flux-1.03


This Release Flux-1.03  [Download] [Browse 28 Jun 2013
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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1)
Special Files


Flux stream processing toolkit     1.03
Flux::Format interface for symmetric two-way formatting of any storage.     1.03
Flux::In input stream interface     1.03
Flux::In::Role::Easy simplified version of Flux::In role     1.03
Flux::In::Role::Lag role for input streams which are aware of their lag     1.03
Flux::Mapper interface for transforming input or output streams.     1.03
Flux::Mapper::Anon callback-style mapper     1.03
Flux::Mapper::MappedIn representation of in|mapper     1.03
Flux::Mapper::MappedMapper representation of mapper|mapper     1.03
Flux::Mapper::MappedOut representation of mapper|out     1.03
Flux::Mapper::Role::Easy simplified version of Flux::Mapper role     1.03
Flux::Out output stream interface     1.03
Flux::Out::Role::Easy simplified version of Flux::Out role     1.03
Flux::Role::Description role for stream objects that implement 'description'     1.03
Flux::Role::Owned role for stream objects that belong to a specific user     1.03
Flux::Simple functional-style stream generators     1.03
Flux::Simple::ArrayIn input stream representation of an array     1.03
Flux::Simple::ArrayOut output stream which stores data in a given array     1.03
Flux::Storage interface to any flux storage.     1.03
Flux::Storage::Formatted Representation of a storage wrapped with a format.     1.03
Flux::Storage::Memory in-memory storage with support for named clients     1.03
Flux::Storage::Memory::In in-memory input stream for Flux::MemoryStorage     1.03
Flux::Storage::Role::ClientList common methods for storages with named clients     1.03