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Marc Mims
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Distribution Released
DBIx-Class-InflateColumn-FS-0.01007 Inflate/deflate columns to Path::Class::File objects [Download] [Browse] 22 Jun 2010
Math-Round-Fair-0.03 distribute rounding errors fairly [Download] [Browse] 16 Dec 2010
Net-Twitter-4.01043 A perl interface to the Twitter API [Download] [Browse] 17 Jan 2018
Net-Twitter-Lite-0.12008 A perl API library for the Twitter API [Download] [Browse] 05 Dec 2016
POE-Component-Server-Twirc-0.20 IRC is my Twitter client [Download] [Browse] 30 Mar 2015
Redis-RateLimit-1.0002 Sliding window rate limiting with Redis [Download] [Browse] 22 Aug 2017
Redis-ScriptCache-0.05 Cached Lua scripts on a Redis server [Download] [Browse] 30 Dec 2016
Twitter-API-1.0001 A Twitter REST API library for Perl [Download] [Browse] 30 Mar 2018