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Marc Mims > Net-Twitter-3.17001


This Release Net-Twitter-3.17001  [Download] [Browse 31 Mar 2011
Latest Release Net-Twitter-4.01043  [Download] [Browse 17 Jan 2018
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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1)
Special Files


Net::Identica A perl interface to the Twitter Compatible API     3.17001
Net::Twitter A perl interface to the Twitter API     3.17001
Net::Twitter::API Moose sugar for defining Twitter API methods      
Net::Twitter::Core Net::Twitter implementation     3.17001
Net::Twitter::Error A Net::Twitter exception object      
Net::Twitter::OAuth Net::Twitter with 'Legacy' and 'OAuth' roles for backwards compatibility     3.17001
Net::Twitter::Role::API::Lists Twitter Lists API support for Net::Twitter      
Net::Twitter::Role::API::REST A definition of the Twitter REST API as a Moose role      
Net::Twitter::Role::API::Search A definition of the Twitter Search API as a Moose role      
Net::Twitter::Role::API::Search::Trends DEPRECATED: use API::REST      
Net::Twitter::Role::API::TwitterVision A definition of the TwitterVision API as a Moose role      
Net::Twitter::Role::InflateObjects Inflate Twitter API return values to Moose objects      
Net::Twitter::Role::Legacy A Net::Twitter legacy compatibility layer as a Moose role      
Net::Twitter::Role::OAuth Net::Twitter role that provides OAuth instead of Basic Authentication      
Net::Twitter::Role::RateLimit Rate limit features for Net::Twitter      
Net::Twitter::Role::RetryOnError Retry Twitter API calls on error      
Net::Twitter::Role::SimulateCursors Make paging work like cursoring      
Net::Twitter::Role::WrapError Wraps Net::Twitter exceptions      
Net::Twitter::Search A perl interface to the Twitter Search API     3.17001