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Emmanouil "Manolis" Maragkakis > CLIPSeqTools-0.1.7 > CLIPSeqTools::PreprocessApp::annotate_with_conservation



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Module Version: 0.1.7   Source   Latest Release: CLIPSeqTools-0.1.8


CLIPSeqTools::PreprocessApp::annotate_with_conservation - Annotate alignments in a database table with conservation scores.


clipseqtools-preprocess annotate_with_conservation [options/parameters]


Annotate alignments in a database table with phastCons or phyloP conservation scores. Adds a column named "conservation" with the average conservation score for the nucleotides of each read. To minimize storage needs, the conservation score is converted from floating point number to integer by multiplying with 1000.


  Input options for library.
    --driver <Str>         driver for database connection (eg. mysql,
    --database <Str>       database name or path to database file for file
                           based databases (eg. SQLite).
    --table <Str>          database table.
    --host <Str>           hostname for database connection.
    --user <Str>           username for database connection.
    --password <Str>       password for database connection.
    --records_class <Str>  type of records stored in database.
    --filter <Filter>      filter library. May be used multiple times.
                           Syntax: column_name="pattern"
                           e.g. keep reads with deletions AND not repeat
                                masked AND longer than 31
                                --filter deletion="def"
                                --filter rmsk="undef" .
                                --filter query_length=">31".
                           Operators: >, >=, <, <=, =, !=, def, undef

  Other input
    --rname_sizes <Str>    file with sizes for reference alignment
                           sequences (rnames). Must be tab delimited
                           (chromosome\tsize) with one line per rname.
    --cons_dir <Str>       directory with phastCons or phyloP files.

  Database options.
    --drop                 drop column if it already exists (not
                           supported in SQlite).

  Other options.
    -v --verbose           print progress lines and extra information.
    -h -? --usage --help   print help message
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