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Mark Nunberg
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Distribution Released
Var-Extract-0.02 Assign lexical scalar values from container types [Download] [Browse] 28 Feb 2011
Text-Prefix-XS-0.15 Fast prefix searching [Download] [Browse] 28 Dec 2011
Test-MockSleep-0.02 Pretend to sleep! [Download] [Browse] 01 Jan 2012
Test-LWP-MockSocket-http-0.05 Inject arbitrary data as socket data for LWP::UserAgent [Download] [Browse] 19 Dec 2011
Sub-Stubber-0.04 Self-monkeypatch your on demand. [Download] [Browse] 06 Jan 2012
Ref-Store-0.20 Store objects, index by object, tag by objects - all without [Download] [Browse] 30 Dec 2011
Proc-Terminator-0.05 Conveniently terminate processes [Download] [Browse] 02 Aug 2012
POE-Sugar-Attributes-0.02 Subrouting Attributes for common POE tasks [Download] [Browse] 21 Dec 2011
POE-Component-ProcTerminator-0.03 Safely and easily kill runaway processes [Download] [Browse] 13 Apr 2012
PkgConfig-0.05020 Pure-Perl Core-Only replacement for C<pkg-config> [Download] [Browse] 08 Mar 2012
Module-Stubber-0.03 Import possibly unavailable modules and their exported symbols [Download] [Browse] 08 Dec 2011
Log-Fu-0.31 Simplified and developer-friendly screen logging [Download] [Browse] 23 Oct 2013
JSON-SL-1.0.7 Fast, Streaming, and Searchable JSON decoder. [Download] [Browse] 10 Nov 2017
File-Dir-Hash-0.02 Relieve the stress on your filesystem by making arbitrarily large [Download] [Browse] 20 Dec 2011
Devel-PtrTable-0.03 Interface to perl's old-new pointer mapping for cloning [Download] [Browse] 19 Dec 2011
Crypt-OpenSSL-Cloner-0.04 Clone an existing certificate and sign it with your own [Download] [Browse] 28 Apr 2011
Couchbase-Client-1.0.3 Perl Couchbase Client [Download] [Browse] 22 Oct 2014
Couchbase-2.0.3 Couchbase Client Library [Download] [Browse] 09 Apr 2015
Constant-Generate-0.17 Common tasks for symbolic constants [Download] [Browse] 16 Feb 2015
Array-Assign-0.01 Assign and extract array elements by names. [Download] [Browse] 14 Jan 2012