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This Release MongoDB-v1.8.1  [Download] [Browse 17 Jan 2018
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License The Apache License, Version 2.0, January 2004
Special Files


MongoDB Official MongoDB Driver for Perl     v1.8.1
MongoDB::AuthError     v1.8.1
MongoDB::BSON Tools for serializing and deserializing data in BSON form     v1.8.1
MongoDB::BSON::Binary MongoDB binary type     v1.8.1
MongoDB::BSON::Regexp Regular expression type     v1.8.1
MongoDB::BSON::_EncodedDoc     v1.8.1
MongoDB::BulkWrite MongoDB bulk write interface     v1.8.1
MongoDB::BulkWriteResult MongoDB bulk write result document     v1.8.1
MongoDB::BulkWriteView Bulk write operations against a query document     v1.8.1
MongoDB::Code JavaScript Code     v1.8.1
MongoDB::Collection A MongoDB Collection     v1.8.1
MongoDB::CommandResult MongoDB generic command result document     v1.8.1
MongoDB::ConnectionError     v1.8.1
MongoDB::Cursor A lazy cursor for Mongo query results     v1.8.1
MongoDB::CursorNotFoundError     v1.8.1
MongoDB::DBRef A MongoDB database reference     v1.8.1
MongoDB::Database A MongoDB Database     v1.8.1
MongoDB::DatabaseError     v1.8.1
MongoDB::DecodingError     v1.8.1
MongoDB::DeleteResult MongoDB deletion result object     v1.8.1
MongoDB::DocumentError     v1.8.1
MongoDB::DuplicateKeyError     v1.8.1
MongoDB::Error MongoDB Driver Error classes     v1.8.1
MongoDB::ExecutionTimeout     v1.8.1
MongoDB::GridFS A file storage abstraction (DEPRECATED)     v1.8.1
MongoDB::GridFS::File A Mongo GridFS file (DEPRECATED)     v1.8.1
MongoDB::GridFSBucket A file storage abstraction     v1.8.1
MongoDB::GridFSBucket::DownloadStream File handle abstraction for downloading     v1.8.1
MongoDB::GridFSBucket::UploadStream File handle abstraction for uploading     v1.8.1
MongoDB::GridFSError     v1.8.1
MongoDB::HandshakeError     v1.8.1
MongoDB::IndexView Index management for a collection     v1.8.1
MongoDB::InsertManyResult MongoDB single insert result object     v1.8.1
MongoDB::InsertOneResult MongoDB single insert result object     v1.8.1
MongoDB::InternalError     v1.8.1
MongoDB::MongoClient A connection to a MongoDB server or multi-server deployment     v1.8.1
MongoDB::NetworkError     v1.8.1
MongoDB::NetworkTimeout     v1.8.1
MongoDB::NotMasterError     v1.8.1
MongoDB::OID A Mongo Object ID     v1.8.1
MongoDB::Op::_Aggregate     v1.8.1
MongoDB::Op::_BatchInsert     v1.8.1
MongoDB::Op::_BulkWrite     v1.8.1
MongoDB::Op::_Command     v1.8.1
MongoDB::Op::_Count     v1.8.1
MongoDB::Op::_CreateIndexes     v1.8.1
MongoDB::Op::_Delete     v1.8.1
MongoDB::Op::_Distinct     v1.8.1
MongoDB::Op::_DropCollection     v1.8.1
MongoDB::Op::_DropDatabase     v1.8.1
MongoDB::Op::_DropIndexes     v1.8.1
MongoDB::Op::_Explain     v1.8.1
MongoDB::Op::_FSyncUnlock     v1.8.1
MongoDB::Op::_FindAndDelete     v1.8.1
MongoDB::Op::_FindAndUpdate     v1.8.1
MongoDB::Op::_GetMore     v1.8.1
MongoDB::Op::_InsertOne     v1.8.1
MongoDB::Op::_KillCursors     v1.8.1
MongoDB::Op::_ListCollections     v1.8.1
MongoDB::Op::_ListIndexes     v1.8.1
MongoDB::Op::_ParallelScan     v1.8.1
MongoDB::Op::_Query     v1.8.1
MongoDB::Op::_RenameCollection     v1.8.1
MongoDB::Op::_Update     v1.8.1
MongoDB::ProtocolError     v1.8.1
MongoDB::QueryResult An iterator for Mongo query results     v1.8.1
MongoDB::QueryResult::Filtered An iterator for Mongo query results with client-side filtering     v1.8.1
MongoDB::ReadConcern Encapsulate and validate a read concern     v1.8.1
MongoDB::ReadPreference Encapsulate and validate read preferences     v1.8.1
MongoDB::Role::_BypassValidation     v1.8.1
MongoDB::Role::_CollectionOp     v1.8.1
MongoDB::Role::_CommandCursorOp     v1.8.1
MongoDB::Role::_CursorAPI     v1.8.1
MongoDB::Role::_DatabaseErrorThrower     v1.8.1
MongoDB::Role::_DatabaseOp     v1.8.1
MongoDB::Role::_DeprecationWarner     v1.8.1
MongoDB::Role::_InsertPreEncoder     v1.8.1
MongoDB::Role::_OpReplyParser     v1.8.1
MongoDB::Role::_PrivateConstructor     v1.8.1
MongoDB::Role::_ReadOp     v1.8.1
MongoDB::Role::_ReadPrefModifier     v1.8.1
MongoDB::Role::_SingleBatchDocWrite     v1.8.1
MongoDB::Role::_UpdatePreEncoder     v1.8.1
MongoDB::Role::_WriteOp     v1.8.1
MongoDB::Role::_WriteResult     v1.8.1
MongoDB::SelectionError     v1.8.1
MongoDB::TimeoutError     v1.8.1
MongoDB::Timestamp Replication timestamp     v1.8.1
MongoDB::UnacknowledgedResult MongoDB unacknowledged result object     v1.8.1
MongoDB::UpdateResult MongoDB update result object     v1.8.1
MongoDB::UsageError     v1.8.1
MongoDB::WriteConcern Encapsulate and validate a write concern     v1.8.1
MongoDB::WriteConcernError     v1.8.1
MongoDB::WriteError     v1.8.1
MongoDB::_Constants     v1.8.1
MongoDB::_Credential     v1.8.1
MongoDB::_Link     v1.8.1
MongoDB::_Platform     v1.8.1
MongoDB::_Protocol     v1.8.1
MongoDB::_Server     v1.8.1
MongoDB::_Topology     v1.8.1
MongoDB::_Types     v1.8.1
MongoDB::_URI     v1.8.1


MongoDB::DataTypes The data types used with MongoDB  
MongoDB::Examples Some examples of MongoDB syntax  
MongoDB::Tutorial Getting started with MongoDB  
MongoDB::Upgrading Deprecations and behavior changes from the v0 driver  

Other Files