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Distribution Released
XML-RPC-Fast-0.8 Fast and modular implementation for an XML-RPC client and server [Download] [Browse] 25 Jan 2012
XML-Parser-Style-EasyTree-0.09 Parse xml to simple tree [Download] [Browse] 27 Aug 2009
XML-Hash-LX-0.0603 Convert hash to xml and xml to hash using LibXML [Download] [Browse] 19 Aug 2011
XML-Fast-0.17 Simple and very fast XML - hash conversion [Download] [Browse] 29 Jun 2017
XML-Declare-0.06 Create XML documents with declaration style [Download] [Browse] 29 May 2012
Variable-Eject-0.02 Eject variables from hash to current namespace [Download] [Browse] 20 Nov 2009
uni-perl-0.92 all modern features + unicode support in one pragma [Download] [Browse] 06 May 2014
Test-More-UTF8-0.05 Enhancing Test::More for UTF8-based projects [Download] [Browse] 24 Jun 2017
Test-If-0.01 Test only if ... [Download] [Browse] 11 Nov 2009
Test-Dist-0.01 Distribution kwalitee tests in one command [Download] [Browse] 12 Nov 2009
Sub-Lvalue-0.01 use lvalue subroutines with ease [Download] [Browse] 13 Sep 2016
Socket-AcceptFilter-0.03 Set sockopt httpready/dataready on FreeBSD and Linux [Download] [Browse] 12 Nov 2009
self-init-0.01 Invoke package init methods at compile time [Download] [Browse] 19 May 2009
lib-abs-0.93 C<lib> that makes relative path absolute to caller. [Download] [Browse] 24 Oct 2013
Image-LibExif-0.04 Read EXIF. Efficiently [Download] [Browse] 26 Nov 2010
Image-JpegTran-0.02 XS wrapper around lossless JPEG transformation utility - jpegtran [Download] [Browse] 17 Jul 2010
HTTP-Easy-0.02 Useful set for work with HTTP [Download] [Browse] 18 Jul 2013
ex-lib-0.90 The same as lib, but makes relative path absolute. (Obsoleted by lib::abs) [Download] [Browse] 21 Jul 2009
Devel-Leak-Cb-0.04 Detect leaked callbacks [Download] [Browse] 21 Jun 2010
Devel-Hexdump-0.02 Print nice hex dump of binary data [Download] [Browse] 01 Jun 2012
Dash-Leak-0.06 Track memory allocation [Download] [Browse] 19 Oct 2010
Crypt-RSA-Yandex-0.06 Perl binding to modified RSA library (yamrsa) for encrypting Yandex auth token [Download] [Browse] 26 Nov 2010
Crypt-OpenSSL-Blowfish-CFB64-0.01 Blowfish CFB64 Algorithm using OpenSSL [Download] [Browse] 16 Mar 2012
constant-def-0.01 Perl pragma to declare previously undeclared constants [Download] [Browse] 11 Mar 2009
Catalyst-Action-Serialize-XML-Hash-LX-0.06 XML::Hash::LX serializer for Catalyst [Download] [Browse] 15 Sep 2009
AnyEvent-Worker-0.06 Manage blocking task in external process [Download] [Browse] 28 Sep 2011
AnyEvent-UA-0.01_01 HTTP/1.1 UserAgent using AnyEvent [Download] [Browse] 18 Jul 2013
AnyEvent-SMTP-0.10 SMTP client and server [Download] [Browse] 25 Oct 2013
AnyEvent-RPC-0.05 Abstract framework for Asyncronous RPC clients [Download] [Browse] 15 Jul 2010
AnyEvent-Memcached-0.08 AnyEvent memcached client [Download] [Browse] 29 Nov 2016
AnyEvent-Handle-Writer-0.02 Extended version of AnyEvent::Handle with additional write options [Download] [Browse] 03 May 2010
AnyEvent-DBD-Pg-0.03 AnyEvent interface to DBD::Pg's async interface [Download] [Browse] 30 Nov 2010
AnyEvent-Connection-0.06 Base class for tcp connectful clients [Download] [Browse] 17 Nov 2010
Acme-CPANAuthors-AnyEvent-0.07 We are CPAN Authors of AnyEvent! [Download] [Browse] 14 Oct 2010
accessors-fast-0.03 Compiletime accessors using Class::Accessor::Fast [Download] [Browse] 02 Sep 2009