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Distribution Released
Algorithm-BinarySearch-Vec-0.07 binary search and basic set operations for vec() vectors, with fast XS implementations [Download] [Browse] 19 Apr 2016
Alien-DDC-Concordance-0.002 install the ddc-concordance C++ libraries on your system [Download] [Browse] 02 Mar 2016
Alien-Gfsm-0.002 install the libgfsm C library on your system [Download] [Browse] 02 Mar 2016
Alien-GfsmXL-0.004 install the libgfsmxl C library on your system [Download] [Browse] 02 Mar 2016
Alien-Moot-0.002 install the libmoot C++ library on your system [Download] [Browse] 02 Mar 2016
DDC-Concordance-0.20 Query utilities for ddc-concordance search engine [Download] [Browse] 29 Sep 2015
DDC-XS-0.09 Perl interface to libDDC* ddc concordance libraries [Download] [Browse] 24 Feb 2016
DiaColloDB-0.10.001 Diachronic collocation index [Download] [Browse] 12 May 2016
DiaColloDB-WWW-0.01.008 Diachronic collocation index: www wrappers [Download] [Browse] 27 Apr 2016
Getopt-Gen-0.14 extended module for gengetopt-like parsing. [Download] [Browse] 23 Feb 2016
Gfsm-0.0406 Perl interface to libgfsm finite-state library [Download] [Browse] 24 Feb 2016
Gfsm-XL-0.10 Perl interface to libgfsmxl finite-state cascade library [Download] [Browse] 24 Feb 2016
Math-PartialOrder-0.01   [Download] [Browse] 30 Oct 2001
Moot-2.0.13 Perl interface to the libmoot HMM tagger library [Download] [Browse] 24 Feb 2016
PDL-CCS-1.23.1 Sparse N-dimensional PDLs with compressed column storage [Download] [Browse] 22 Feb 2016
PDL-EditDistance-0.08 Compute Wagner-Fischer edit distance and alignment matrices on PDLs [Download] [Browse] 17 Dec 2015
PDL-GA-0.07 Genetic algorithm utilities for PDL [Download] [Browse] 26 Sep 2013
PDL-HMM-0.06004 PDL Hidden Markov Model utilities [Download] [Browse] 17 Dec 2015
PDL-Ngrams-0.09 N-Gram utilities for PDL [Download] [Browse] 17 Dec 2015
PDL-SVDLIBC-0.17 PDL interface to Doug Rohde's SVD C Library [Download] [Browse] 17 Dec 2015
PDL-SVDSLEPc-0.003 PDL interface to SLEPc sparse singular value decomposition [Download] [Browse] 17 Dec 2015
PDL-VectorValued-1.0.5 Assorted utilities for vector-valued PDLs [Download] [Browse] 17 Dec 2015
Speech-Rsynth-0.03 Perl interface to 'librsynth' Klatt-style speech synthesis C library. [Download] [Browse] 26 May 2002
Tie-File-Indexed-0.06 fast tied array access to indexed data files [Download] [Browse] 29 Sep 2015