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Bryan Jurish > DDC-Concordance-0.41


This Release DDC-Concordance-0.41  [Download] [Browse 09 Mar 2018
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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1)
Special Files


DDC::Any abstract wrapper for DDC::XS or DDC::PP      
DDC::Client Client socket object and utilities for DDC::Concordance      
DDC::Client::Distributed compatibility alias for DDC::Client      
DDC::Concordance Query and wrapper utilities for DDC search engine     0.41
DDC::Filter DDC Query utilities: server filters (wrapper sockets)      
DDC::Format Abstract output formatting API for DDC hits      
DDC::Format::Dumper Data::Dumper formatting for DDC hits      
DDC::Format::JSON JSON formatting for DDC hits      
DDC::Format::Kwic Keyword-in-context (KWIC) formatting for DDC hits      
DDC::Format::Raw raw formatting for DDC hits      
DDC::Format::Template Template-based formatting for DDC hits      
DDC::Format::Text human-readable text formatting for DDC hits      
DDC::Format::YAML YAML::XS formatting for DDC hits      
DDC::Hit Hit structure for DDC query utilities      
DDC::HitList query response structure for DDC query utilities      
DDC::PP pure-perl drop-in replacements for DDC::XS module      
DDC::PP::CQCount pure-perl implementation of DDC::XS::CQCount      
DDC::PP::CQFilter pure-perl implementation of DDC::XS::CQFilter      
DDC::PP::CQuery pure-perl implementation of DDC::XS::CQuery      
DDC::PP::CQueryOptions pure-perl implementation of DDC::XS::CQueryOptions      
DDC::PP::Constants pure-perl DDC::XS clone: constants      
DDC::PP::Object common perl base class for DDC::PP objects      
DDC::PP::yyqlexer query lexer (low-level)      
DDC::PP::yyqparser low-level Parse::Yapp parser for DDC::Query::Parser [DEPRECATED]      
DDC::Utils various utilities for DDC::Concordance bindings      


ddc-dump2tj.perl : convert ddc_dump document data to flat (text+json) format  
ddc-expand-lts-query.perl LTS-savvy DDC-query expander  
ddc-lts-wrapper.perl drop-in replacement DDC server supporting 'sounds-like' queries  
ddc-make-bibl.perl : add a bibliographic attribute to an existing DDC project without re-indexing.  
ddc-query.perl distributed DDC query tool in perl