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Zaahir Moolla > App-DuckPAN-0.125


This Release App-DuckPAN-0.125  [Download] [Browse 11 Oct 2013
Latest Release App-DuckPAN-1021  [Download] [Browse 12 Jun 2018
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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1)
Special Files


App::DuckPAN The DuckDuckGo DuckPAN client     0.125
App::DuckPAN::Cmd Base class for commands of DuckPAN     0.125
App::DuckPAN::Cmd::Check Command for checking the requirements     0.125
App::DuckPAN::Cmd::Env Get or set ENV variables for the plugins     0.125
App::DuckPAN::Cmd::Goodie DEPRECATED     0.125
App::DuckPAN::Cmd::Install Install the distribution in current directory     0.125
App::DuckPAN::Cmd::Installdeps Regular way to install requirements with tests     0.125
App::DuckPAN::Cmd::Poupload Command for uploading .po files to the DuckDuckGo Community Platform     0.125
App::DuckPAN::Cmd::Publisher Starting up the publisher test webserver     0.125
App::DuckPAN::Cmd::Query Command line tool for testing queries and see triggered plugins     0.125
App::DuckPAN::Cmd::Release Release the distribution of the current directory     0.125
App::DuckPAN::Cmd::Rm Remove an ENV variable     0.125
App::DuckPAN::Cmd::Roadrunner Install requirements as fast as possible     0.125
App::DuckPAN::Cmd::Server Starting up the webserver to test plugins     0.125
App::DuckPAN::Cmd::Setup Setting up your Account on your duckpan client     0.125
App::DuckPAN::Cmd::Test Command for running the tests of this library     0.125
App::DuckPAN::CmdBase::Env Base class for ENV related functionality of duckpan (duckpan env and duckpan rm)     0.125
App::DuckPAN::Config Configuration class of the duckpan client     0.125
App::DuckPAN::DDG DDG related functionality of duckpan     0.125
App::DuckPAN::HasApp Simple role for classes which carry an object of App::DuckPAN     0.125
App::DuckPAN::Help Contains the main help page     0.125
App::DuckPAN::Perl Perl related functionality for duckpan     0.125
App::DuckPAN::Query Main application/loop for duckpan query     0.125
App::DuckPAN::Web Webserver for duckpan server     0.125
App::DuckPAN::WebPublisher Webserver for duckpan publisher     0.125
App::DuckPAN::WebStatic Webserver for duckpan static     0.125


duckpan Command line tool for using the DuckPAN of DuckDuckGo  

Other Files