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MQ Engineering Group > MQSeries-1.33


This Release MQSeries-1.33  [Download] [Browse 14 May 2012
Latest Release MQSeries-1.34  [Download] [Browse 13 Dec 2012
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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1)
Special Files


MQSeries Perl extension for MQSeries support     1.33
MQSeries::Command OO interface to the Programmable Commands     1.33
MQSeries::Command::Base     1.33
MQSeries::Command::MQSC     1.33
MQSeries::Command::PCF     1.33
MQSeries::Command::Request     1.33
MQSeries::Command::Response     1.33
MQSeries::Config::Authority Interface to parse authority files     1.33
MQSeries::Config::ChannelTable class for reading and writing channel table files of various versions.     1.33
MQSeries::Config::Machine Interface to read the machine configuration file     1.33
MQSeries::Config::QMgr Interface to read the queue manager configuration file     1.33
MQSeries::ErrorLog::Entry One entry in an MQSeries error-log file     1.33
MQSeries::ErrorLog::Parser Parse a portion of an MQSeries error log and return parsed Entry objects.     1.33
MQSeries::ErrorLog::Tail Watch MQSeries error-log files     1.33
MQSeries::FDC::Entry One entry in an MQSeries FDC file     1.33
MQSeries::FDC::Parser Parse a portion of an MQSeries FDC file and return parsed Entry objects.     1.33
MQSeries::FDC::Tail Watch MQSeries FDC error files     1.33
MQSeries::Message OO interface to MQSeries messages     1.33
MQSeries::Message::Accounting OO Class for decoding MQSeries accounting messages     1.33
MQSeries::Message::ConfigEvent Class to decode mainframe WMQ Config Event messages     1.33
MQSeries::Message::DeadLetter OO interface to the Dead Letter message type     1.33
MQSeries::Message::Event OO Class for decoding MQSeries event messages     1.33
MQSeries::Message::IIH Class to send/receive IMS Bridge Header (IIH) messages     1.33
MQSeries::Message::PCF Generic OO and procedural interface to PCF (Programmable Command Format) messages.     1.33
MQSeries::Message::RFH2 Class to send/receive RFH2 messages     1.33
MQSeries::Message::Statistics OO Class for decoding MQSeries statistics messages     1.33
MQSeries::Message::Storable OO Class for sending and receiving perl references as MQSeries message application data     1.33
MQSeries::Message::System OO Class for decoding MQSeries v6 system messages     1.33
MQSeries::Message::Trigger Class to decode trigger messages     1.33
MQSeries::Properties OO interface to MQSeries message properties     1.33
MQSeries::Queue OO interface to the MQSeries Queue objects     1.33
MQSeries::QueueManager OO interface to the MQSeries Queue Manager     1.33
MQSeries::Utils Internal utility functions     1.33


Frontend to gsk7cmd for creating MQ SSL queuemanager certificates Client access program for WebsphereMQ  
mq_clearq Utility to delete all messages from a queue  
mqchl2ini Convert an MQSeries client channel table file to a text stanza format  
mqini2chl Write an MQSeries client channel table using a text configuration file  
saveauth Save all authority settings for a queue manager  

Other Files