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Catalyst::Manual::Tutorial - Catalyst Tutorial: Overview


The Catalyst framework is a flexible and comprehensive environment for quickly building high-functionality web applications. This tutorial is designed to provide a rapid introduction to its basics and its most commonly used features while focusing on real-world best practices.

The tutorial is divided into the following sections:

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A tarball of the final application is available at

Detailed Table of Contents ^

Part 1: Introduction

Part 2: Catalyst Basics

Part 3: Basic CRUD

Part 4: Authentication

Part 5: Authorization

Part 6: Debugging

Part 7: Testing

Part 8: Advanced CRUD

Part 9: Appendices


This tutorial would not have been possible without the input of many different people in the Catalyst community. In particular, the primary author would like to thank:


Kennedy Clark,

Please report any errors, issues or suggestions to the author. The most recent version of the Catalyst Tutorial can be found at

Copyright 2006, Kennedy Clark, under Creative Commons License (

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