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pager ^

This controls the pager display at the bottom (by default) of the list and search views. It expects a pager template argument which responds to the Data::Page interface.

</%doc> %if ($pager && $pager->{first_page} != $pager->{last_page}) {

<p align="center">Pages: <%perl> foreach my $num ($pager->{first_page} .. $pager->{last_page}) { if($num == $pager->{current_page}) { print "[$num]" } else { my $args = "?page=" . $num; # Order? my $label = "[$num]"; $m->comp("link",base=>$base, config=>$config, table=>$classmetadata->{table}, request=>$request, command=>"list", additional=>$args, label=>$label); } } } </%perl> </p>

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