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README The main README file
MANIFEST This list List of changes
Makefile.PL Generic Makefile template  [pod] Main agent, default interface
Agent/  [pod] Ancestor for all channels
Agent/Channel/  [pod] File logging channel
Agent/Channel/  [pod] I/O handle logging channel
Agent/Channel/  [pod] Syslog logging channel
Agent/  [pod] Ancestor for all drivers
Agent/Driver/  [pod] Intercepting driver for Devel::Datum
Agent/Driver/  [pod] Default logging driver
Agent/Driver/  [pod] File driver
Agent/Driver/  [pod] Fork to split output to multiple drivers
Agent/Driver/  [pod] Email driver
Agent/Driver/  [pod] Silent driver
Agent/Driver/  [pod] Syslog driver
Agent/File/  [pod] A native file handle
Agent/ Pool of file logging channels for sharing
Agent/ Log formatting routines
Agent/  [pod] A log message
Agent/ Log prefixer (name, pid)
Agent/  [pod] Priority manipulation routines
Agent/  [pod] Log timestamping routines
Agent/  [pod] Ancestor for message tags
Agent/Tag/  [pod] Add dynamically computed tags to messages
Agent/Tag/  [pod] Computes and formats caller information
Agent/Tag/  [pod] Add priority/level information to messages
Agent/Tag/  [pod] Add constant string to messages
Agent/  [pod] Holds list of user-defined tags
t/caller.t Test caller information
t/ Library for tests
t/carp_default.t Test logcarp() and logxcarp() with defaults
t/carp_file.t Test logcarp() and logxcarp() to file
t/carp_fork.t Test logcarp() and logxcarp() to fork
t/carp_multiline.t Test logcarp() and logxcarp() with newlines
t/carp_silent.t Test logcarp() and logcroak() with silent
t/ Library for tests
t/ Library for tests
t/default.t Test default settings and driver
t/default_exp.t Test default settings, explicit logconfig()
t/file.t Test file driver
t/fork.t Test driver fork
t/format.t Test the sprintf compatibility of logxxx()
t/priority.t Test -priority setting in logconfig()
t/tag_callback.t Test log message tag via callback
t/tag_string.t Test log message tag via string
META.json Module meta-data