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Revision history for Perl extension Tree::Ternary. ^

0.04 (13 Aug 2013)


Corrected links in the README and POD.


Replaced Changes with changes.pod.

Added META.json.

0.03 (23 Sep 1999)


Reduced ATTRIBUTES setup to a single eval using code suggested by Tom Phoenix, should speed up the compile time a wee bit.

Removed extraneous #! line and labels.

Miscellaneous changes to the POD.


Checks for 1.14 in Makefile.PL.

More comments relating to design decisions.

0.02 (22 Sep 1999)


Corrected order of use() statements.

Carp is now required at runtime to reduce compile time.

Removed extraneous returns, relies on implicit return value where applicable.


Underscores added to ATTRIBUTES members to enhance readability.

Replaced hard-coded '00' with TERM_CHAR constant.

Used a faster method for defining constants.

Clarified variable names in recursive methods.

Minimized use of $char[0], replaced with lexically scoped $char.

Perform pre-checks for branch terminals to reduce method call overhead in recursive methods.

Cleaned up appearance of code, now readable (more or less) on an 80 column display.

Modified license to mirror Perl license.

Install includes a check for

Fixed up POD.

0.01 (23 Aug 1999)

Initial version.

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