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Log::Log4perl::Resurrector - Dark Magic to resurrect hidden L4p statements


Loading use Log::Log4perl::Resurrector causes subsequently loaded modules to have their hidden

    ###l4p use Log::Log4perl qw(:easy);

    ###l4p DEBUG(...)
    ###l4p INFO(...)

statements uncommented and therefore 'resurrected', i.e. activated.

This allows for a module to be written with Log4perl statements commented out and running at full speed in normal mode. When loaded via

    use Foobar;

all hidden Log4perl statements will be ignored.

However, if a script loads the module Foobar after loading Log::Log4perl::Resurrector, as in

    use Log::Log4perl::Resurrector;
    use Foobar;

then Log::Log4perl::Resurrector will have put a source filter in place that will extract all hidden Log4perl statements in Foobar before Foobar actually gets loaded.

Therefore, Foobar will then behave as if the

    ###l4p use Log::Log4perl qw(:easy);

    ###l4p DEBUG(...)
    ###l4p INFO(...)

statements were actually written like

    use Log::Log4perl qw(:easy);


and the module Foobar will indeed be Log4perl-enabled. Whether any activated Log4perl statement will actually trigger log messages, is up to the Log4perl configuration, of course.

There's a startup cost to using Log::Log4perl::Resurrector (all subsequently loaded modules are examined) but once the compilation phase has finished, the perl program will run at full speed.

Some of the techniques used in this module have been stolen from the Acme::Incorporated CPAN module, written by chromatic. Long live CPAN!


Copyright 2002-2009 by Mike Schilli <> and Kevin Goess <>.

This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.

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