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This Release Test-Simple-1.005000_006  [Download] [Browse 12 Apr 2013 ** DEVELOPER RELEASE **
Latest Release Test-Simple-1.001012  [Download] [Browse 23 Dec 2014
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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1)
Special Files


TB2::AssertRecord Record an assert happening     1.005000_006
TB2::AssertStack A stack of where asserts were called     1.005000_006
TB2::BlackHole Goes Nowhere Does Nothing     1.005000_006
TB2::CanDupFilehandles A role for duplicating filehandles     1.005000_006
TB2::CanLoad load modules without affecting global variables     1.005000_006
TB2::CanOpen     1.005000_006
TB2::CanTry     1.005000_006
TB2::Event A test event role     1.005000_006
TB2::Event::Abort Abort testing     1.005000_006
TB2::Event::Comment an event representing a comment     1.005000_006
TB2::Event::Log a logging event     1.005000_006
TB2::Event::SetPlan Set the plan for the current test     1.005000_006
TB2::Event::SubtestEnd     1.005000_006
TB2::Event::SubtestStart     1.005000_006
TB2::Event::TestEnd End of a test event     1.005000_006
TB2::Event::TestMetadata Metadata for the current test     1.005000_006
TB2::Event::TestStart Start of a test event     1.005000_006
TB2::EventCoordinator Coordinate events amongst the builders     1.005000_006
TB2::EventHandler A role which handles events and results     1.005000_006
TB2::Events Convenience module to load all core TB2 events     1.005000_006
TB2::Formatter Base class for formatting test results     1.005000_006
TB2::Formatter::Multi Use multiple formatters at once     1.005000_006
TB2::Formatter::Null A formatter that does nothing     1.005000_006
TB2::Formatter::POSIX     1.005000_006
TB2::Formatter::PlusMinus     1.005000_006
TB2::Formatter::TAP Formatter as the latest stable TAP     1.005000_006
TB2::Formatter::TAP::Base Base class for TAP formatters     1.005000_006
TB2::Formatter::TAP::TB1 TAP formatter for compatibily with 0.98      
TB2::Formatter::TAP::v12 TAP version 12 formatter     1.005000_006
TB2::Formatter::TAP::v13 TAP version 13 formatter     1.005000_006
TB2::HasDefault A role providing a shared default object     1.005000_006
TB2::HasObjectID a unique id in the current process     1.005000_006
TB2::History Holds information about the state of the test     1.005000_006
TB2::History::EventStorage Store all events      
TB2::History::NoEventStorage Throw out all events      
TB2::Module Write a test module     1.005000_006
TB2::OnlyOnePlan Enforces there being only one plan per test     1.005000_006
TB2::Result A factory to generate results.     1.005000_006
TB2::Result::Base Store the result of an assert     1.005000_006
TB2::Result::Role::fail The assert failed     1.005000_006
TB2::Result::Role::pass The assert passed     1.005000_006
TB2::Result::Role::skip The assert did not run     1.005000_006
TB2::Result::Role::todo The assert is expected to fail     1.005000_006
TB2::Result::Role::unknown The result of the assert is not known     1.005000_006
TB2::Streamer Role to output formatted test results     1.005000_006
TB2::Streamer::Debug     1.005000_006
TB2::Streamer::Print A simple streamer that prints     1.005000_006
TB2::TestState Object which holds the state of the test     1.005000_006
TB2::Tester Testing a Test:: module     1.005000_006
TB2::Types Mouse types used by Test::Builder2     1.005000_006
TB2::threads::shared     1.005000_006
TB2::threads::shared::off     1.005000_006
TB2::threads::shared::on     1.005000_006
Test::Builder Backend for building test libraries     1.005000_006
Test::Builder2 2nd Generation test library builder     1.005000_006
Test::Builder::Formatter::TAP     1.005000_006
Test::Builder::Module Base class for test modules     1.005000_006
Test::Builder::Tester test modules built with Test::Builder     1.24_006
Test::Builder::Tester::Color turn on colour in Test::Builder::Tester     1.24_006
Test::More yet another framework for writing test scripts     1.005000_006
Test::Simple Basic utilities for writing tests.     1.005000_006


TB2::Design Explaining the design of Test::Builder2  
TB2::SubtestEnd End of a subtest event  
TB2::SubtestStart Start of a subtest event  
Test::Tutorial A tutorial about writing really basic tests